Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fiber + Art Update

Man guys, I wish I could update more, but as busy as I am with school and life it's hard to find time to work on projects, let alone post about them. However, I do have some things that have made progress that I'd like to do a brief blog about today. 

Mom's Milanese Wrap is finally coming along and going smoothly. Just call me the stitch marker queen, because I could not do this without them. I tend to get that way with lacey projects, always having to put markers after every section. It sure does help though. Hopefully this will be done in time for Christmas. My mom asked me about making it last week again, but I just told her 'maybe...we'll see, I'm really busy'. She doesn't even know this is coming!

My finally fall shawl for Eveyln's KAL is coming along slowly but surely. I was keeping it strictly at studio, and I will probably take it back tomorrow. I have taken up to working on it during breaks in our figure class. I got quite a bit done last night actually, thanks to Ivy and our skype knit night! I hope that happens again, because it was so fun :)

Me and my Relay for Life team are doing a craft show around Thanksgiving, and I plan on selling handspun headbands as well as drawings. So far I have about 20 drawings! I have been really working on these a lot during the weekends. I'm really excited for this yarn too! The rainbow is stunning! I really wish I could remember what colors I used to make it that pretty :( . I plan to ply the rainbow with some pure undyed white, so it doesn't get so confusing, and so that I can maximize the rainbows!

Finally, we have to do full body self portraits in my figure class and we are only allowed to use a mirror. I knew I wanted to do myself knitting, but wasn't sure if I could pull that off with a mirror. But guess what! I think I did. My right hand needs a bit of work, but other than that, I think given the circumstances, this is pretty good and actually looks a bit like me. I am going to ink wash over this sometime soon.

I hope the weekend is treating you all great, I know it is me :)



  1. Haha, I love the cat meme. That has pretty much happened to me with some of my upcycling projects. Awesome projects!

  2. I love the self portrait. You did a great job!
    The shawl and the wrap are lovely!

  3. well done so far on the portrait, can't wait to see it one!


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