Wednesday, August 8, 2012

WIP Wednesday: Hat Addiction

Hey guys it's Wednesday! And I am in an amazing mood for no reason what so ever :) I want to take today to share with you a couple things I have going, as well as some ideas I have for this coming fall.

First, even though it is WIP Wednesday, I want to share a FO, that would have been a WIP if it wasn't such a fun knit!

The amazing Evelyn at Project Stash designed the Miranda Hat and is hosting a KAL for people to make the hats and donate them to charity. I finally caved and decided to cast one on with some left over alpaca yarn I had. And believe me, I am so glad I did! This hat is amazing and addictive and easy! I plan to send this to Evelyn for her charity donations. 

After knitting the Miranda Hat I pulled out the Merino my aunt had gotten me in Germany. I wanted it to become a sweater or top, but I could not find anything I LOVED for the yardage I had (550 yds) so I decided to do a hat/mitten set. And the best part? I am designing them myself. Here is the brim of the hat so far. The rest is a bit of secret, but it's going to be a slouchy hat and it's going to be super cute!

Speaking of hats, I have been thinking a lot lately and I realized (with the help of a fellow college knitter at knit night) that hats are a lot like socks. You can buy one skein and get a project done. So I think I am going to spend my fall and winter making more hats, because there are so many pretty worsted colors and yarns out there! A few patterns on my list include:

cat ears hat (may not be right link, but I want the cat ears one from Stitch 'n bitch book)

Those are the two that I really want to make, but I have so many more in my Ravelry queue and favorites who knows what all I'll end up with :)

Finally, I wanted to show you that I am finally ready for the heels on my socks. I can't wait to get them started!

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Have a good night guys!



  1. OMG, I think if I made that hat it would be hard to give it up for charity! It's So cute!

  2. I has a hat too. Cute. I love that first hat pattern - hoping to be able to knit something like that one day.

  3. The Miranda is a great one, I agree! I look forward to seeing your design, sounds exciting!

  4. Love Evelyn's hat! Am going to look forward to what you come up with too : )

  5. The socks are knitting up so nicely! Isn't that hat just too much fun to knit, I fondly remember finishing three of them in a row because I love the pattern so much. I'll bet it is super warm in alpaca. Good luck with the designing!

  6. Your hat is gorgeous. And I absolutely love that picture, made me laugh!


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