Friday, August 24, 2012

New Year, New Goals

Happy Friday! I didn't have classes today, and my job hasn't started, so I spent my day relaxing and starting in studio.

Since I am bound and determined to have the best school year EVER I have decided to make a list of goals and such that I plan to achieve this year.  And what better place to put them then here, so you all can see exactly what I am up against in the coming months. :)

Activities I am involved in:

KSU Painting Society - President
Relay for Life of KSU - Luminaria chair
Academic Mentoring (job) - 4th year, working at pre-school
Bowling League - Sunday night's at 8. Team: Stop, Drop and Bowl. We got 2nd over the summer (with handicap)
The Knitting Monthly - 2nd Sunday of the month at Wildflower!

Academic goals for the year:

Get an A in my painting class - something I have yet to do.
Improve my skills as a painter, especially with acrylics.
Expand my drawing ideas so that I can have a cohesive body of work for the Spring.
Be confident in my figure drawing skills by the end of the semester.
NOT put off my History of Rock and Roll class - just cuz it's online doesn't mean I can forget about it.

Fun goals for the year:

Go for walks and hike the various trails around Manhattan, maybe even document it for you all here.
Knit in Public - coffee shops, cute spots on campus, etc
Knit hats! - I am on a winter hat spree
Hang out with my friends - We have so many plans for the year!
Hang out with the guy I like - Not saying names yet, don't wanna jinx it.
Skate - Last time we went it was so much fun!
First Friday in KC - Maybe with Painting Society?
Movie Nights - my new 32 inch HDTV is calling!
JOG! - The guy I like has me wanting to pick up jogging again....

That being said, I would like to share my next project with you also. Since the socks are coming to a close (but still have about 2 inches at least) I decided to use the bit of extra money I had to get the yarn for the Milanese Wrap, which I am knitting for my mommy.

She said she'd pay me back for the yarn, but I am going to surprise her! And I found the perfect yarn ON SALE last night! I didn't even know it was on sale, it just happened to meet my gauge requirements. I wanted something with more blue, but I decided on this because of the stripy nature. I really hope she likes it!

I started a painting today, but I am not going to share it yet because I don't really know where it's going. For now, the whole painting on knitting think is out the window....long story short my teacher doesn't get it. Whatever, what I'm doing now is pretty awesome too!

I'm having all my friends over for tacos tomorrow, and I can't wait! But that means I gotta get my butt in gear and clean this place up. Hmph. I hope everyone has a great weekend!



  1. Such a great list! Just wonderful, this year is going to be so awesome! Also, that wrap is so pretty, your mom is going to absolutely love it!

  2. awesome list!! Oh to be young again and have time for a life, lol!! (I really am not that old, just feels it!) Your mum is going to be stoked I am sure!

  3. What a wonderful list! You have so much exciting stuff going on this year: can't read to hear all about it! And your mom is going to love the shawl: it looks so cozy and elegant!

  4. Such a fun list! Esp. the new guy! ;)


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