Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Design-in-Progress Wednesday

Good morning! I am currently entering day 3 of my week of nothingness (aka week of boredom). I am actually starting to wish I had gone home to work, and I don't say that often.

The only thing good about this week is the amount of knitting I have gotten done and all the progress I am making on everything. So today I wanted to share with you a few things I am working on, all of which are designs of my own (hence the name...).

I was bitten by the sock designing bug back in June and filled many pages of sketchbook with ideas. So far the only one to materialize into reality is Woven Cables Worsted Socks, which, after the help of a couple of amazing testers, is available for download as of yesterday.  I am not going to lie guys, I am in love with this pattern! The finished socks are so gorgeous, even more so than I visualized, and I was able to make the pattern look so professional and neat.  The math is all correct (for once) and I finally have a formula for heels! Expect many more sock patterns out of me in the future.  But until then, head over to Ravelry and download this one :) It's $2 and all the money goes to Relay For Life!

Thanks Ivy for the amazing photo!

The next design on my list is the messenger bag I made my sister a few weeks ago. I had a few people express interest in the pattern and I have decided to publish it. So right now I am working on a second one, with commercial yarn. I'm noticing obvious differences between it and the handspun: The gauge is much bigger, requiring bigger needles and less stitches.  I love this design though, as I have never seen a bottom up, non-sewn closed bag. But then again, I haven't done many bags....

Expect this pattern by the beginning of  next week, and this one will be free :)

Knitting the bag at the coffee shop :)

The final project is one I mentioned in a couple other posts, my secret hat! I finished the first one and then decided I wanted to try submitting it to Knitty. So I got to work on the pattern and realized there were a lot of things needing changed.  So what did I do? I started a second! I had enough yarn anyways, and will likely rip out the first one eventually. The second one is coming a long very fast and I am liking it so much! I really hope I get in -- this hat is super cute!

I can't share a full photo, but I can share this with you if you'd like an idea. I should have it bound off by later today...if my wrists don't give out first. And then all I need is photos by Sept. 1! 

This week seems to be going really fast, school starts Monday already. And man, I am so ready! Getting to be in senior studio FINALLY is like a dream come true for me, and all my friends will be back and "hopefully" there is a boyfriend in my future too :D I just want this week to speed on by so I can get on with the epic-ness that will be my Senior Year. 

How is the summer winding down for you all? Is in speeding to a close, or going slow? I'd love to hear all about it!
And as proof of how bored I've been, I started a puzzle last night, something I told my brother (who gave it to me) I would never have time to do!

Hardest Puzzle EVER

Want to see more WIP's? Check out Tami's Amis!



  1. Hey, puzzles are awesome! I'm so proud of you for all of the amazing design work! It is obviously something that comes very naturally for you. Love it!

  2. Someday we will have to work out a trade. I will make you a shawl if you will make me socks! You are my hero...I can't make a pair of socks to save my life!! Beautiful pattern you've created. Someday you will be a famous knit wear designer, I just know it ;)

  3. I love a puzzle. Great socks too

  4. Love your socks, looks like you have been bitten by the designing bug too! And I love puzzles, I wish I could do one!


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