Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sunday Morning Book Review

Hi everyone! I am sorry I have been so quiet on the posting front, and the commenting front for that matter. I have just been out of it and blogging hasn't been on my priority list. As the summer winds down, things are starting to become mundane and I am just ready for school to begin so I can get on with my SENIOR YEAR! WOOT!

But back to blogging, I just wasn't feeling it last night, mostly because I was dead tired and bit woozy from the night before (I was up until 3 because of a concert).  So I am going to share my book reviews with you all this morning.

Last Minute Knitted Gifts by Joelle Hoverson

-Whole sections on color theories/picking colors and knitting basics
-The book is divided by how long it should take to finish the projects (ie - 2 hours or less, 2-4 hours, etc)
-The intros to each pattern are very insightful and helpful in explaining the pattern and why she designed it. 
-Some of the patterns (ie: the hats) are mix and match, so you can add or change parts of them to suit your needs.
-The section on how to wrap your gifts!


Favorite Patterns:
Gusseted Floor Cushions -- I want these for my apartment!

Overall, I checked this book out because a couple people at Wildflower have been using it lately for projects and it intrigued me. I really like the concept and I would make most of what is in this book in a heartbeat, even if for myself. The author adds some extra sections that really make this book work.

More Last Minute Knitted Gifts by Joelle Hoverson

-She talks about how to personalize each pattern with your own touch, via color, fiber, etc.
-The photos in this, and the first, are all so amazing and lovely and colorful
-Once again, divided into sections based on time they'd take

-I wish it had more 'extra' sections like the first book

Favorite Patterns:

Overall, I checked this out because it was right next to the first and I figured why not read both? I like the patterns in the first one better, and there were more things I'd knit in it as well. I feel like a lot of the stuff in this one is more for children, so if you have kids to knit for, it's a good choice. There are also a lot more 'random' type projects as well.

So, this coming week is my last week before classes start and I don't have to work. I am hoping to get some knitting done, as I have a couple patterns I want to get published. I also am planning to blog a bit more, for there are 2-3 non-meme themed blogs I have been putting off posting. I hope everyone had a great weekend!


(By far one of my all time favorites!)


  1. Good books as always! Good luck with the new semester.

  2. I've been meaning to check those books out for ages, so I'm really glad to hear they're good ones. :) Senior year approaches!! Congrats! :)


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