Friday, August 17, 2012

The Generosity of Knitters

It's Friday! I have some pretty awesome plans for the weekend, including an excuse to hang out with this guy I like :) But that is a whole other story! Today I want to take the chance to share with you the amazing knitting and spinning gifts I have been receiving lately from some very amazing people!

I am pretty sure I have mentioned her on here before, but I have this amazing aunt who is a knitter and a weaver and loves to buy me new yarns and fibers to play with.  Well her and my uncle took a road trip to New Mexico last week and when they got back she had a surprise for me.

She might as well have just gotten me the sheep, because that's about how much Navajo-Churro Sheep wool I have now! For those interested, I did a bit of research (via wikipedia!) and the Churro sheep is bread primarily for it's wool, which consists of a dual coat (80% inner, 20% outer) and the people who use it tend to keep it in it's natural state, or overdye it with natural dyes.  My aunt says this is enough to spin to make a sweater, but it's a bit scratchy and fuzzy, so who knows what it will become. Ask me in a year when I finally get done spinning it!

Now, if you thought that was amazing (which it is!) then you will LOVE this too!

One of the ladies at knit night is about to move to Chicago and was clearing out her stash. Guess who got to pick through what she didn't want?!?! Me and a fellow college knitter, for she felt we were the ones in need the most.  So true! I am not really sure what I am going to make with most of this yarn (a lot of it is 'fun' yarn) but I see a couple tops and few scarves in the future! This is going to be so much fun to photograph and stash! I think my favorite is the fuzzy blue/pink/green mix at the top middle. It will definitely make a fun scarf!

Leave it to me to  post a Facebook status about my boring week! The knit shop owner, Kennita, saw my post and decided to gift me with a small vial of some dual-purpose paint she has been using in some of her knits.  She knows all about my art projects and thought it would be fun for me to experiment with. This could get fun!

On the knitting front, the hat is done, and waiting for photos (Next week!) and the bag is done too! It's pattern is almost done, there are just a few things I need to finish. I think I may pick up my Berry-boned wrists again, and keep trucking on the world's slowest socks. 

Edited to add: Bag pattern is now available for free on Ravelry! Click here!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


Check out the baby Colobus Monkey I saw at the zoo yesterday!


  1. Oh man, your aunt is amazing! That is going to be a great yarn to spin with, even if the volume is scary to think about! I also cannot believe that lady gave you all of that awesome yarn, how wonderful! I hope you have a great time with your guy this weekend!

  2. I am so jealous-I've been looking at/for Churro to experiment with to try out some Navajo weaving. Keep us posted on what it's like to spin. Have a fantastic weekend!

  3. That's an impressive haul for one week! It is lovely to be on the receiving end of the generosity of knitters.

  4. Oooooh, Navajo Churro!!!! That's definitely on my must-spin list. Can't wait to read about your experience with it! :) Oh, and congrats on the stash enhancement: what fun!!


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