Wednesday, January 27, 2016

One Month Down...

Eleven to go...

Can you believe that it is already almost February? Where did this month go? How are you doing on your "resolutions?"

One of mine was to knit more socks this year.  And one pair is already off my needles.  These have been so much fun to knit I almost want to knit a third just for giggles. 

I finished my first painting of 2016 as well today.  The lighting in the photo above is horrible, but I couldn't wait to share it! There's a lot more pink in real life. 

I was really bored last week and decided to give my wheel a whirl.  This is some solid brown BFL that I am spinning to pair with my skein from the last post.  I haven't touched it since that night though, so it's slow going.

Finally, I want to do a quick plug.  I'm having a studio sale! A bunch of my art is under $200 for awhile. I need to clear out some inventory and make some extra money.  I'd love it if you took a peek.  And if you can't spend that kind of money right now (which is fine, I get it) maybe at least "Like" my Facebook page - Art by Lisa Urban.

Weekly Inspirations:
Knitting:  Anybody see this hat on Ravelry today? I am IN LOVE. And it appears that many others are's at the top trending.
Art: I'm working on a local art blog for my manager.  Here is my first "Feature Artist" post about a local musician.  Take a peek ;)
Food:  Wishing this tea shop wasn't on the other side of town (aka about 10miles) because I would be in there all the time.  So many flavors and they'll brew any of them for you to drink!
Life:  I have hit the gym 7 out of the past 10 days out of desire to get back into shape (working in a kitchen can really do a number). It helps that Planet Fitness is so cheap!

If I don't post before February, I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their January.  Stay safe and warm guys!


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  1. Beautiful projects! Good luck on the studio sell!


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