Monday, January 18, 2016



Quoting David Bowie today (may he rest in peace) as I have finally decided to change URLs to reflect the rest of this blog.  I hope you were able to find me OK! 

First on my list for this week is this handspun.  It's not perfect by any means - I literally had to fix every part of my wheel at some point during the creation of this yarn! It's 300 yards of dyed BFL, much bluer than in this photo. 

In the category of finished objects is my double knit cowl.  I finally got around to photograph it being worn, and I love the way it fits nice and sung. Perfect for cold  nights!

I also am working on some socks, because that sweater is just not calling my name right now.  These are with a ball of Crazy Zauberball that I divided up to make stripes. I am already at the heel and loving the way they are turning out :) 

Out in art world is my most recent painting.  I finally got my studio set up and am working on this guy currently.  Not as much as I should be, but enough.  I should have it done by this weekend.

Weekly Inspirations:
Art:  Currently I am using The Lion King as my inspiration painting.  The one above came from a scene, and there are few more stills that have my eye.  Do you have a favorite inspiring movie?
Knitting: I'm working a fish lips kiss heel for my socks.  Ever heard of it? I'm really liking it!
Food: I made a Thai kit for dinner last week.  Want a brief lowdown? It's here! (Hint - it was tasty!)
Life: My parents drove down from Kansas this past weekend to bring a few unpackable gifts and my art from my show last summer.  It was nice having them here to share my TX experiences with, as well as a chance for me to clean my apartment! haha. 

Hope you all have a creative week!


  1. Welcome to your new space! I love the new look and blog header.

    1. Haha thanks. I stuck with Blogger cuz It's familiar, but the title change was much needed :)

  2. Those socks are gorgeous! I love Zauberball. Congratulations on the new space!

    1. First but definitely not last time for Zauberball :)

  3. The colors in hand spun yarn are absolutely wonderful! And I love your cheerful colorful cowl!

    1. Thank you! That photo doesn't even capture the true colors of the yarn haha

  4. Beautiful handspun, Lisa!!
    All of the knit happenings are beautiful. And of course your art is amazing.


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