Friday, January 1, 2016

2015 in Review and a Special Etsy Sale!

Well, here it is, the inevitable new year. Some look forward to it while others dread it. Some make resolutions, so prefer to not. As for me, resolutions seem a bit pointless. I do however make GOALS, which is more about working towards something. 

If I set goals last year, I don't think I really met many of them, or at least not in the ways I had hoped. I don't even know if I remember them all to be honest.  But I wanted to take a moment to reflect on this past year and all the amazing things I was able to do, goal or not. 

First, by the numbers:
23 Knitting Projects logged onto Ravelry. 

22 oil paintings and 4 (larger than I used to do) gouache paintings.
Too many to count knitted white balls for my tree installations. 
19 blog posts (not enough!)
10 pairs of shoes sold on Etsy and 20 orders on Etsy total.

And now onto the photos :)

Project I'm most proud of:

Project that took the longest to finish:

Favorite project designed by me!

PS- Pattern can be purchased here!

Favorite item to actually wear:

Favorite Gift Knit:

Skills I learned this year:
Double Knitting
Spinning on a wheel!
Knitting in movie theaters/not having to look down
Mastered short rows (via all those darn balls)

Now onto the second part of this post.  

I wanted to do a huge shout out thank you to everyone who has been supporting me, either by buying items from my shop, posting on my blog or just being awesome. And SOOO...

All shoe orders are $5 off between now and Jan 31st, just use the code "HI2016". That's a CUSTOM ordered pair of knitted shoes, for just $25 + shipping.  Trust me, I don't do this often. Take advantage while you can! And I added a few new colors to the list as well, so go take a lookie :) 

I hope that everyone has had a great 2015 and that 2016 treats you well also. What are your "resolutions". Any knitting things on that list? 


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