Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Dear February

Well hello February, you seem to have snuck up on us now, haven't you? Bringing with you a slight chill to the breeze in the Texas air.  You're more than welcome to stay, but I'm going to need some new hats if the visit is long.

Remember those socks, the totally awesome, perfect fitting, amazingly striped ones? Well if you thought you had my head because my feet were covered, you are wrong February, for I have found a way to keep you guessing. 

Now while this Sockhead hat isn't knit exactly as the pattern says, it still fits perfectly.  No slouch, just all beanie, but surprisingly stretchy and a perfect fit. Just what I needed to keep my ears away from your chilly mid-day air. 

What's that? You think that hat is too thin for those cold nights of poetry? Well you are right! But I bet you didn't see this coming!

I did some stash diving on my day off today and found some super bulky handspun just dying to cover those ears.  A few hours later and this baby is ready to keep me nice and warm on those cold Sunday Nights. 

The pattern you say? It's improvised based off of this one.  And before you ask, in my typical fashion, I ran short on yarn again. Resulting in yet another beanie!

But that's not all February, for you may be laughing now at my foolishness for finishing a project so quickly, but little do you realize my arsenal of yarn ready and waiting? What's next, you ask? Well how about some of these?

From top left clockwise - Pinch HatModern Tartan SlouchConversationalist and Fidra

So what do you think of me now February? Nothing to say? Yea I thought so! HA!


I hope you enjoyed my little bout of humor. Until next time blog friends!



  1. I love this clever post, Lisa. And your winter caps are look beautiful and warm! (And I always enjoy the cats, too.)

  2. Oh, love these hat! Especially the fit of the slouchy beanie!


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