Friday, February 12, 2016


This week has definitely been one for the books - I feel like I'm being pulled in a million different directions.  Yet somehow I find time to sit back and remember the good old days when life was a little bit easier.  Tonight's post is dedicated to that sense of nostalgia we all get once and a while.

Out of the blue I decided to message an old High School friend that I hadn't seen or heard from since June.  And surprisingly she messaged me back, resulting in an all night conversation.  About half way through that night I had an idea and ran to my stash.  Pulling out my old skeins of Mission Falls Merino, I began an improv. hat for her one and a half year old son. 

Let me explain the photo.  I started the bigger hat with nothing but a gauge and some math, thinking it would fit an average toddler head.  I got 95% of the way done and realized it was wide enough to fit mine (but still short like a toddler's). Soooo I didn't want to frog it out, because I had spent a whole two days on it. Instead I took the extra and made a second, smaller hat.  Both are now in transit to my girl friend, with a note explaining my bad math.

Next on my nostalgia train is yet another hat, this one being a design I wrote almost four years ago, with the intent to send to Knitty.  I did send it to Knitty, but didn't get in, nor did it to Knitpicks.  Eventually I gave up and just kind of forgot I even had a fully typed up pattern in my documents folder.  I finally got around to publishing it this week.  Better late than never right?

"Winterschnee" -  Winter Snow in German

Last but not least is my current WIP Painting.  It's a bit nostalgic as well, being that it's pink and green like this and this one, as well as the theme of lollipop trees that I haven't done in awhile.  But if I have my say, the lollipops will be showing up a bit more in the coming months.

Weekly inspirations:
Knitting: I learned how to add beads to my knitting this past weekend at the guild meeting.  I haven't picked a pattern yet, but I am sure that I will be adding beads to something REALLY soon.
Art: Have I ever shared my old friend from art school, Sienna's, work with you? If I haven't, or if you don't remember, you need to see it. She's an amazing talent
Food: Well I tried a bbq taco tonight with brisket, beans, coleslaw and bbq sauce.  It was one of the best combinations I've ever had, and I am sure going to attempt to make this at home soon!
Life: I finally got a raise at work. Hallelujah! 

Until next week friends, I hope you have a splendid Valentine's Day!


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  1. Such a beautiful hat - love the texture! Congrats on the pattern release!


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