Wednesday, July 10, 2013

WIP Wednesday: Spurts

Anybody else ever feel like you knit in spurts? You know what I mean -- getting addicted to one specific type of project for a while and then switching to another and another and another.

At the beginning of the summer it was scrap yarn headbands and then it was self-designing and now it's berets and slouchy hats.

(Sorry, phone photo...currently memory card-less)
I went stash diving last weekend and came out with a couple skeins of worsted yarn that semi-matched. Thus this was born. East Falls Hat. I have been wanting to knit something from last year's Knitscene anyways.  I modified it for worsted and re-did it twice. I am still not super pleased but it will do for now.  But this one hat has me on a new addiction.

I started going through Ravelry last night and made a list of hats/berets I want to make in the near future. 

Toadstool Slouch - also from Knitscene
Bungalow hat - Also from Knitscene

For now these are all just the freebies, as my budget is too tight to support other designers right now... Which brings me to the question of where I'll actually get the yarn to knock a few of these out. My stash isn't as big as I thought. 

Still, I would love to have lots and lots of hats/berets and headbands to wear to campus this coming year. I just think it'd be fun.



  1. small, portable projects are so great for the summer, aren't they?

    i love the Grace Lace beret, and i just noticed that it was designed by my favorite local Philly LYS!

  2. I second Jody: The Grace Lace beret is a great pattern. I think I made three!

  3. I am a big fan of the Autumn leaves. I think spurts are brilliant, then you can knit a bunch of hats!


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