Wednesday, July 3, 2013

WIP Wednesday -- Busy Monotony

Tomorrow being American Independence Day, and having my aunt and uncle visiting until Sunday I am expecting to have a very busy weekend. Or I was. This morning I hurt my ankle pretty bad, thus leaving me secluded to the couch with a bag of ice for awhile. So although the house will be busy, I may be stuck in the monotony of knitting for a few days.

Where do I start? I guess I can say that I cast on this hat for my sister yesterday. It was finished, but too big, so it is now going for trial number 2. The yarn is just Vanna's Choice from Lion Brand, because I need to save money, especially since it's just 'joke' project. 

 This is the hat I made her friend, the one with the weirdo beard. The one I am making my sister is also a bearded hat, thus the reason it's a 'joke'. But if she likes it, whatever. They don't take that long.

Finally, I have decided what to do with my lace yarn from last year. The yarn is a bamboo blend lace and I am making it into a self designed baby doll. top.  It's very slow going, as the skirt part is 330 stitches! If I'm lucky it'll be done by next summer. 

Sorry that this is a random, crappy post. I am sitting here with my foot propped, feeling like a lazy-butt. This is not cool.

Happy Wednesday!



  1. I have that exact color of Vanna's Choice! I actually think it's a great yarn, very soft and squishy for an acrylic, and very easy to knit with (I loved Red Heart when I crocheted but couldn't knit with it). Of course, I'll spend a squillion dollars on high-end cashmere or something when I can, but if I'm strapped for cash I'm so reaching for the Vanna's Choice.

  2. I so feel your pain. I'm on a minimum-of-walking plan ordered by the doctor. At least we knit, so it's not wasted time!


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