Friday, July 26, 2013

What I'm Doing...

Blogging seems almost like a chore lately, and I am not really sure why. I love to tell the world what I'm doing but sometimes I just can't do it.  Today is one of those days, this post almost feels forced a bit.

I've been participating in My Sister's Knitter KAL over on Ravelry and that's definitely helped with my motivation. I forgot how fun it is to see what others are working on and talk about projects, life, etc. I do encourage everyone to join a KAL sometime in their knitting career, especially if they lack motivation sometimes!

So what have I been up to? Well my lacey babydoll tee is pretty much on a standstill at this point, it's seems like a chore just to do a row... that's what I get for lace and lots of stitches.

However, I have been knitting away. I finished two hats since my last post about my beret spurt! 

Grace Lace was finished this past week. I made it with some turquoise yarn in my stash that I overdyed with grape kool aid. The blue shows through a bit in spots due to the fact that I dyed it in the sun and tied it off pretty tight. But I love it! This photo does no justice, but I needed a speedy photo and it's dark outside.

Reverie is also done! I did this a few weeks ago with my Corny Goodness Yarn (100% corn). I was saving this yarn for socks but decided that it's lack of nylon wouldn't make good socks, and I was right. The more I knit with it the softer it gets. I love this hat! It's gorgeous :) 

And I had half a skein of corn left, so now on my needles is a matching drop stitch scarf. I have never knitted a drop stitch scarf, but man I LOVE it. I can't believe I have never done this before. It's addicting. This will be done by the end of the week for sure :)

As an added bonus, I will share my most recent read with you. I picked up a copy of "The Memory Keeper's Daughter" at my used book store on a whim and am falling in love. The story is a very complex one and the writing is done so well. The author really makes you think about who the 'bad guy' really is and gives every character a nice flaw. I highly recommend it!

I hope everyone has a good weekend! I plan on relaxing quite a bit if I can :)



  1. Everything looks wonderful!
    I feel like I have no time to blog or comment. There is too much going on...

  2. For someone who is feeling unmotivated, you are getting a lot done. Don't you just love Grace Lace? I made like four in a row when I discovered the pattern. Did you know the hat shows up in the movie "My Sister's Keeper"? That's were I first saw it.


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