Thursday, July 18, 2013


Sometimes I wonder if this is my knitting blog or my art blog. Some days I like to talk about knitting and some days art.

Lately I've been feeling really artsy. Both in knitting and painting. Painting is taking center focus however, as I am finally starting to realize my potential as a fine artist.

It started last semester when I began turning my still lifes into landscapes with objects other than just the knitting. And then my love of cartoons came up and things really clicked.

This summer I have been working strictly on smaller works, in gouache and pastel.  Although not the same as oils, and not nearly as fun or satisfying, I am enjoying my time working on these and the potential I have for experimentation with composition and color.

Motivation has been running low lately, but now it's up to a new high.  I applied for a solo show at a local coffeeshop in Manhattan. I found out Monday that I got it! Come November 18th, all of my small summer works will be on display :) The idea of a solo show -- even if just at a coffeeshop -- is a feeling I haven't experienced until now, but it makes me feel like a real artist now! 

Also, for anyone interested, I have a facebook page now. And I also updated my art page on this blog.

I hope everyone is having a good week!



  1. I really love the texture you show in your paintings!

  2. Wow! I am amazed at how beautiful they are. I can almost feel the texture.


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