Saturday, November 17, 2012

Saturday Evening Book Review (it's been awhile...)

Well, it hasn't been a while since I posted, but it has been awhile since I did a book review. Which is funny, because I've had these books sitting on my living room floor for 3 weeks waiting to be picked up. Proof of how busy I've been!!

French Girls Knits by Kristeen Griffin-Grimes

-The intro is written really nicely.
-The photos are gorgeous!
-Tips are scattered throughout to help with things that you may have issues with.

-Honestly, I love the French theme, but it goes a bit far...
-I wish it was more than just garments (sweaters).

Favorite Patterns:
-Cybele - WANT

Overall, well there's another book I want in my library. I can seriously picture myself wearing almost all of these sweaters!!!! It's a super cute book and the author really has a passion for French style.

Boutique Knits by Laura Irwin

-The authors says that these patterns use "Uncommon Techniques" -- that's a nice refresher.
-The photos include close ups of the cute details of the items.
-Most of the patterns require hooks and buttons and therefore there are detailed explanations of how to use these. 

-As mentioned above: Most patterns require buttons and hooks and I just think that these make them look kinda showy and gaudy. 
-Most of these are a just 'too pretty'

Favorite Patterns:

Overall, this is a cute book, but most of the patterns are just too fancy for me. There really isn't anything I could see myself wanting to knit and wear.

So I hope that those reviews weren't too opinionated  I hope you don't base your choices off of the stuff I say, they are my personal opinions after all. 

So in other news, I have the next week off. I am actually not super excited about this, mostly because I finally was getting into my painting and now I have to take a week's hiatus to be home :( 

I'm not kidding guys, I haven't been this excited about a painting in the three years I've been in college. I am in love with this painting and I'm in love with oils and I am just in love. Why must Thanksgiving break be here? Why must I be stuck at home working? Ahh the life of a college kid.

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend and have a great week!



  1. I actually think that you do a good job of being objective in your reviews. But I'm also a brutally blunt person sometimes. I absolutely love French Girl Knits, I want to knit them all.

  2. I guess I need to hunt down a copy of French Girl Knits in real life and check it out. Thx for the tips!


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