Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Return of My Childhood

Not gonna lie, when it comes to 3D movies, I will always pick the 'normal' movie over it. Not just because of the money issues either, but because it's just a gimmick and never lives up to it's hype.

HOWEVER I would like to say that I am starting to lean in the other direction, and there is a very good reason why. Three words:


Ok I could go on all night about this, I really could. So here we go. I took my sister to see it tonight, something I had been debating about for the past 2 weeks, because being a college student, an $11 movie ticket just isn't in my budget. But I caved.

And it was worth it.

You see, unlike the cgi movies of today, where everything explodes, jumps, flies and shoots at you, this was a traditional 'hand drawn' animated movie. They couldn't make things jump at you because the original didn't have that. The original was an amazing animated picture. And so was this. The use of 3D brought a whole new perspective to my movie viewing experience. Everything had depth, you could see every layer as if someone simply lied one on top of the other. The few moments when things DID jump at you it was amazing, much better than anything CGI can ever do.

I was very much looking forward to the stampede scene, and sadly it didn't live up to what I wanted it to be, but then again, like I said, the movie wasn't made to be in 3D so that's to be expected. The scenes following made up for it, with the dust from the stampede being carefully layered on top of everything, making the scene that more emotional.

However, there was one thing that completely took the cake for me tonight. The theater was half full, which surprised me to begin with. What made this even better was the fact that half of these people were parents and their 4-5 year olds, the age I was the first time I ever saw it. The other half was people from high school to my age watching it with their friends and boyfriends-- the same generation that grew up loving this movie is now able to see it again, in theaters and in 3D.

Overall, I think that Disney should keep re-releasing all their classics in 3D, and if they do I will be there. Not because 3D is awesome, because it is far from perfect, but because it allows new generations of kids to experience the movies of their parents' childhoods, and not just on DVD/Blu-ray, but in an actual theater, getting a once in a lifetime experience they can tell their kids about when they grow up.

After tonight, I just wanna work for Disney even more.


(oh and the movie poster was actually pretty awesome too, for a re-release that is)

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