Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Question About Dreams

So I have a question for everyone out there-- Do you ever have dreams? Do you ever remember any of them? Do any ever occur more than once?

This is my thought of the day, something I was pondering in the shower this morning.

I have a few things I'd like to address further that I find insightful, yet still needing answers.

First, I hope I am not alone in the idea that dreams can reoccur. I have had several that do so, one of which is very prominent in my childhood (and even the focus of an art assignment a couple years ago). In it, a younger version of me is with a group of my friends at a field, but suddenly this flock of bees shows up and chases me away, straight to a cliff, where I fall and wake up. Has anyone ever felt that sensation of "Falling into bed?"

Second, and this occurred to me this morning when I woke up from my dream, I have reoccurring locations. My dream that I was having this morning was taking place in Wichita, but yet it wasn't Wichita the way it really is, it was Wichita the way my dream lays it out to be. And the weird part is that every time I have a dream about being in Wichita (quite often, oddly enough) it looks the same way as it did today in my dream! This is one of those dream sensations I find rather interesting, yet puzzling at the same time.

Finally, has anyone ever had that experience of hearing your alarm go off in your dream, waking up barely to hit snooze and then closing your eyes and finishing your dream? I have and it's happened a lot lately since school started. Some of the dreams I have are pretty interesting, so I'm not going to complain, but I still think it's another experience I wish I could explain.

So, now that I have these ideas in the open, what do people think? Do you agree with my ideas? Has this ever happened to you? All thoughts and musing are more than welcomed, I'd love to hear opinions on this issue!



  1. I don't remember most of my dreams, and when I do they usually don't make much sense. But I have had a few recurring dreams which I remember very clearly. One involves trying to get into a magical wardrobe with 2 of my friends. When I open the wardrobe we are sucked in, but there is wind blowing in my face and a blink. When I blink, I am on the outside of the wardrobe again and have to try again. This keeps going until I realize that if I don't think about not blinking I won't. Then we get end, and are in a magical paradise. Then the dream ends.

    It's a really weird dream.

  2. That is a very odd dream, but it sounds interesting too. Recurring dreams always fascinate me.


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