Monday, September 19, 2011

I'm a 10 Year Old in a Twenty Year Old's Body...

or at least, that's what my alter ego is.

Let me explain. My latest (and first) assignment in my Drawing III class was to prove how well we could render things from life. But the catch was that the things had to be objects that represent our 'alter ego'.

Me being the non-creative person I am, I went with something I've done before-- kid's stuff. Yea I basically said that I was a 10 year old. I made the theme work by saying that I only show that side when I'm around my friends, so the images are all of the items 'exploding', opening up, or scattered around, to imply that my alter ego wants to let that out. Finally I also decided to go with the concept that I want my childhood back, by making the objects much larger than they are in real life, saying that these things are made for someone older than a child.

I'll let you decide for yourself.

So overall, these are the best drawings I've ever produced. However, I am the only non-drawing major in that class, which makes me think maybe I should have taken figure drawing 2 instead, because I can't draw the figure and would like more experience. Also because the next assignment in this class is gonna suck, big time, period.

Welcome to the life of a busy college student!


  1. Lisa, these are amazing! Gorgeous! The detail is astounding, wonderful work!

  2. Your drawings are BEAUTIFUL! My 10yr. old altar ego would have me drawing stick figures with triangle bodies... come to think, my adult self would likely only be competent enough to do the same...


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