Saturday, October 1, 2011

Things I'm Looking Forward to in October.

Well, October is here already. Who can believe that? The first 6/7 weeks of school have flown by, making my life that much harder as they went. I just wanted to make a quick post about all the things I can't wait for in October!

1) My Birthday! Of course! I turn 21 on the 21st! Yay! I get to finally go out (if I want) and drink (if I want...). It's going to be nice to have that option. Plus, I always love birthdays anyways.

2) Halloween. Because I'll be old enough to go out! And because I already got my costume yesterday (I told myself I wouldn't buy anything, but I caved).

3)Starting my giant self portrait. This thing is 7ft tall by 5ft wide. It scares me just looking at the canvas frame. I will no doubt spend many late night painting it-- but it will be worth every minute

4)The weather! I love the fall weather, when it's just cool enough to wear a jacket. And walking to class will be nice.

5) A good excuse to knit a sweater! You heard me, this girl wants to start a sweater! Ok well maybe not a sweater, but I'd love to make a jacket!

6) Relay for Life. Relay for Life is finally getting in, we will be having our first of many meetings this week, which means I will soon be going into full fundraising mode! Oh and I'm chair for Luminaria committee too!

7) Cat sitting :) I get to cat sit for my aunt's friend again! I love being able to hang out with cats, especially since I can't have my own here.

8) C.A.R- Concentration Admissions Review. I'm so sick of talking about whether or not I'll get into digital arts to double, so once this finally happens I'll be so happy, even if I don't get in.

I feel like I should think of 10 different things, but I just can't. Oh well, October promises to be a good month none the less, so cheers to that!



  1. Hooray for goals! You will love making sweaters!

  2. thanks! I just need to find the money to get the stuff now...


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