Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I Bet You Think I Forgot....

that this is my art/knitting blog after all! (For those of you seeing this on Facebook, I have my art blog automatically send the posts to Facebook notes).

So what have I been making in the world of knitting? A LOT! I have several projects I have finished up since school started, and I'd like to take the time to share them with you now.

(Please note that my camera is not the greatest, and therefore these photos do no real justice to the amazingness of the final products. Oh and clicking the project title will take you to the Ravelry project page.)

Pretty Purple Cables. Worsted weight socks in size 6.5 that I made for my friend Griselda's birthday. She has small feet! But I loved how fast these knit up and how pretty they turned out. The pattern is my own, and in the working stages of getting published.

Sophie. Cotton bunny for my friend Kenni's future baby girl. She loved this! And so do I! Sophie turned out perfect and I can't believe how far I've come, being able to make stuffed animals now!

Blue Summer Sloutch Hat. Not my favorite. The pattern got messed up somewhere. But oh well. I haven't really warn it yet either. This was one of those random projects I made over the course of like 3 days.

Remember that "ugly" roving I showed you? Well this is the yarn! I actually do like how it turned out, although it could have more yellow. What should I make?

I had leftover of the red and yellow roving, because I caved and plyed the threads before I used it all. I just couldn't stare at the yellow and red anymore. This is what was left, overdyed with grape and orange kool-aid. I'm literally spinning this right now and it looks really pretty!

In other news, school is slowly catching up to me, as is sleep. I guess that's my own fault though.



  1. It all looks beautiful, great job Lisa! I especially love the dyeing job on the roving : )

  2. Thanks! It looks even better spun up.

  3. I like the hat! I feel a grad present in the making... ;P

  4. I guess if your really want one...pick a color and it's yours :)


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