Monday, October 24, 2011

And Now a Word From Our Sponsors....

This blog is brought to you by Relay For Life of Kansas State.

Ok not really, but sort of. In case you haven't seen the cute little badge on the right, I am involved (once again) with Relay For Life. It's my guilty passion, my worthy cause, my excuse to give something back to my community, my...ok you get the point. I am involved both in the committee and also on a team, and the main goal is to raise money for cancer and then 'celebrate' in April. It's kind of a big deal.

So last year I was trying to think of ways to raise money for it. I had this idea to set up at Farmer's Market, and sell dish cloths (Because cotton for them is super cheap). I was going to do it last summer, but that didn't happen, so the goal is this coming summer. Below are just a few of the ones I've made for it so far. I'll probably sell other things at the table also, but dish cloths are the main focus right now.

My other idea is to sell stitch markers. I've been making them like crazy, a new obsession of mine actually, and it's a good excuse to use all these beads I've had forever. The extra stuff is pretty cheap, so it's an easy fundraiser. The issue right now is that I have no real venue to sell them-- farmer's market next year won't yield a lot because not everyone is a knitter. I have Etsy set up, but I have no bites so far. I'm considering asking my LYS if I can sell them there for partial profits, but I don't know if she will go for that. Here are a couple of examples of what I've been making.

Are you an avid knitter? Do you know someone who is? Then you should click HERE and check out my cute markers, a pure delight for any knitter, guaranteed to be snag free! Ok that was probably a little much, but anyways, pass the word on to everyone you know who's a knitter :)

Or if you don't knit, but want to donate to the amazing cause, click the badge below (or to the right of the page also).

And we will now return you to you're regularly scheduled blog post.

'Til later!


Monday, October 17, 2011

There's Something About Lace...

That always messes me up!

Exhibit A: My current sock project.

The socks I am currently working on are Rick by Cookie A.

I love the pattern, don't you?
I'm doing them 2 at a time, and like that doesn't make them hard enough, they are also different on each foot! Yikes! They were coming along great (see individual sock pics below) but somewhere I must have lost a yarn over or something, because it suddenly got moved over one stitch. I noticed that I always have this issue with lace patterns. I follow them EXACTLY and yet seem to lose something somewhere. It's usually a yarn over, but I don't get how I lose it, when I diligently count and re-count and pay very close attention.

Right Sock

Left Sock
Here's where the mistake happens. As you can see, the other side of the left sock is off just a bit, and I can't figure out why when I was counting!

Also, even once I get back on track by making a stitch or picking up one, I seem to get lost again on the next round. As soon as I fix my problem, it happens again. It did this on my tank top this summer too. Hmmmm.

Anyone else ever have issues with lace like this? I know I can't be alone. This reason right here is why I will NEVER actually try knitting as lace shawl. PERIOD.


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I've Got a New Hobby...

This is seriously the worst time to get obsessed with something, but sadly, I have become crazy obsessed with making stitch markers for knitting. First it was just for me, an excuse to use some leftover beads from Scotland and then I found all the French ones Linda got me years ago, and well now I'm hooked. I've already bought tons of crimping beads, pliers, wire etc. I can't get enough! I need to find something to do with them all though! I wonder if Etsy would even be worth my time?

The problem is is that I know I don't have the time to be doing stuff like this, and I know I'd rather be knitting, but I just can't help it! I do these so much lately! School is getting way harder, and I'm getting myself in way deeper. Ugh. How do I pull myself out?

Here are a few sets I've made, in order from early (as in not as good) to more recent (as in...amazing and more time consuming to make). I have a ton more sets, I just haven't photographed them all.

Potential uses: Myself, gifts for knitters I know, sell at Etsy/farmers market, RAK's on Ravelry....hmmm so many options.

Who'd have thought making stitch markers would be so obsessive. Not as meditative as knitting though, which is why I should just pick up my sticks. and knit...

Oh and to those of you who don't know, my birthday is only a little over a week away :) Just thought I'd mention that, because I'm really excited to be 21 finally!


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I Bet You Think I Forgot....

that this is my art/knitting blog after all! (For those of you seeing this on Facebook, I have my art blog automatically send the posts to Facebook notes).

So what have I been making in the world of knitting? A LOT! I have several projects I have finished up since school started, and I'd like to take the time to share them with you now.

(Please note that my camera is not the greatest, and therefore these photos do no real justice to the amazingness of the final products. Oh and clicking the project title will take you to the Ravelry project page.)

Pretty Purple Cables. Worsted weight socks in size 6.5 that I made for my friend Griselda's birthday. She has small feet! But I loved how fast these knit up and how pretty they turned out. The pattern is my own, and in the working stages of getting published.

Sophie. Cotton bunny for my friend Kenni's future baby girl. She loved this! And so do I! Sophie turned out perfect and I can't believe how far I've come, being able to make stuffed animals now!

Blue Summer Sloutch Hat. Not my favorite. The pattern got messed up somewhere. But oh well. I haven't really warn it yet either. This was one of those random projects I made over the course of like 3 days.

Remember that "ugly" roving I showed you? Well this is the yarn! I actually do like how it turned out, although it could have more yellow. What should I make?

I had leftover of the red and yellow roving, because I caved and plyed the threads before I used it all. I just couldn't stare at the yellow and red anymore. This is what was left, overdyed with grape and orange kool-aid. I'm literally spinning this right now and it looks really pretty!

In other news, school is slowly catching up to me, as is sleep. I guess that's my own fault though.


Saturday, October 1, 2011

Things I'm Looking Forward to in October.

Well, October is here already. Who can believe that? The first 6/7 weeks of school have flown by, making my life that much harder as they went. I just wanted to make a quick post about all the things I can't wait for in October!

1) My Birthday! Of course! I turn 21 on the 21st! Yay! I get to finally go out (if I want) and drink (if I want...). It's going to be nice to have that option. Plus, I always love birthdays anyways.

2) Halloween. Because I'll be old enough to go out! And because I already got my costume yesterday (I told myself I wouldn't buy anything, but I caved).

3)Starting my giant self portrait. This thing is 7ft tall by 5ft wide. It scares me just looking at the canvas frame. I will no doubt spend many late night painting it-- but it will be worth every minute

4)The weather! I love the fall weather, when it's just cool enough to wear a jacket. And walking to class will be nice.

5) A good excuse to knit a sweater! You heard me, this girl wants to start a sweater! Ok well maybe not a sweater, but I'd love to make a jacket!

6) Relay for Life. Relay for Life is finally getting in, we will be having our first of many meetings this week, which means I will soon be going into full fundraising mode! Oh and I'm chair for Luminaria committee too!

7) Cat sitting :) I get to cat sit for my aunt's friend again! I love being able to hang out with cats, especially since I can't have my own here.

8) C.A.R- Concentration Admissions Review. I'm so sick of talking about whether or not I'll get into digital arts to double, so once this finally happens I'll be so happy, even if I don't get in.

I feel like I should think of 10 different things, but I just can't. Oh well, October promises to be a good month none the less, so cheers to that!