Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Almost the new year, time for reflections

It's been over 2 months since I updated this blog....and I've knitted ALOT since then. Before we get to that though, I figured I would update the world on my life (Like you all care...).
I survived my 1st semester of sophomore year, and I even managed to get a couple A's. I wish they had been in the classes that matter AKA my art classes, but I guess the professors just don't know how to grade...hahaha. Actually, I understand why I got B's in those so it's not a big deal. It's just a B, not a problem.

I've also been super busy with my life. This year has been such an adventure! I started the year as an immature freshman, still unsure on the rest of the world, very sure I'd be with my boyfriend forever. My the end of May I had decided to take responsibility and live in a house the coming school year AND me and my Bf were no longer an 'item' (his idea...). Looking back, I am very glad it happened. I have since become alot more mature, taking on the issues involved in living off campus. That's been a challenge, but I wouldn't move back to the dorms EVER. Learning to live off my pay checks, cook my own meals, and do my own chores has been a learning experience that's for sure, but I don't regret my decisions at all.

I also met the best friends I could ever meet this year, and I honestly beleive if I was still with the boy, I wouldn't be as close to my friends and I'd be a 'social hermit', if you know what I mean. All of us have done so much in the short time we've known each other (literally only about 5 months!). The memories we've made have been priceless, from Dance Party and Sonic adventure at the beginning of the year to Konza and girls day in October, out skating kids on my birthday, and who can forget the late night Walmart scavenger hunt in Halloween costumes, to the random bowling and dinner nights, to simply watching movies, we've had the best year and I can't wait to spend 2011 with Lynnsey, Kaela, Rachel, David, Alley, Kenni and well EVERYONE!

Which brings me to my next adventure, Relay for Life. Relay for life is such a big event, and I can't beleive I get to be a part of it! This is my first year on commitee and being a team captain, and I'm completely engrossed in it all. I absolutely cannot wait to celebrate, remember, and fight back with all my friends in April!

So now on to why you're probably here, my art :) I've done so much knitting and art since October when I last posted that I need to catch up and reflect.

I guess I'll start with my paintings, which is what I found myself doing alot when I wasn't in class or at work. Afterall, it was 'homework' and I had to get them done sometime! I'm only posting the decent ones.Abstract from a still life, zoomed in on a plastic toy bread, pickles, and animal cracker with a plastic chicken leg in the top left and a skull and blanket in the top right.
Interior set up. I am very proud of this painting, I feel like it's my first 'finished' painting and actually shows depth pretty well.

Final project, self portrait. I took a chance and decided to do myself in my messy room looking into a mirror on the floor. I like how it turned out, but my teacher thinks I need to make my feet more natural colored and show my face more.

And now onto my knitting. When I wasn't painting, in class, or working, I was probably knitting!

I learned how to make mittens after realizing they were pretty much socks with thumbs. This is my first attempt, I love how they turned out but I don't wear them very often :( I guess I need to more, but I'm worried they'll get messed up.

And then I made a matching stocking cap, which I actually used, and loved, until I lost it :( But it still taught me alot about circular knitting and how to do things besides scarves and socks.
I made a scarf with really pretty cascading blue yarn and I absolutely love it :) It's a little short, but I can't afford more yarn!
I made my sister a scarf with yarn I hate (but she liked) and it's a simple knitted scarf. I honestly did not enjoy making this, but she loves it!
To conclue the year I learned 2 new things at the same time. I got knitpicks interchangeable circular needles for Christmas, and with that I learned how to magic loop! From there I then knitting my brother a pair of gloves, my first ever. They turned out amazing and he loves them! What a great way to end the year!
So it's been one hellofa year, and I owe it all to everyone and everything that's happened! I hope you all have a great 2011, and I hope to keep you posted on my life and how much I am enjoying it!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Knitted Socks

HEY! It's OCTOBER 2nd! Which means my 20th Birthday is in 19 DAYS.

Anyways, I knitted a couple pairs of socks for my Grandma's birthday last month so I figured I'd post them.
Pair one: Basic pattern, really easy. Not a big deal :)

Pair 2: Basic pattern, but altered with cables down the sides. They look really amazing when worn.

So I'm completely obsessed with Berroco Vintage Yarn . I absolutely LOVE it, and it decently priced too :D

Well that's it. Cya soon.


Thursday, September 9, 2010

Another drawing and another bracelet

So right now I'm sitting outside my drawing classroom waiting to go to Figure Drawing (GAG--I hate drawing nude people XD ) which isn't for another 30 minutes (I have NO life) and I'm the only one in the hall (Further proof I have NO life) and I decided to update my blog (final proof I have NO life!).

Anyways, I have another of my Disney Mini drawings, along with a bracelet I made last week.

This is my most recent bead loom bracelet, made using different shades of opaque blue. I then sewed white felt to the back and created a border of black seed beads. I like this bracelet but I don't like how I completed it. I wanted something besides just letting the felt show, so I went with the bead border, but it didn't work out very well (but you can't tell in the picture). Overall I like the coloring on this piece and that's about it.

I'm trying to make atleast one bracelet for every color so that I can match my bracelet to my outfit/shirt ('cuz I'm weird like that). So far I have purple, green, and blue, with an orange one in the works.

This is my latest Disney Mini Drawing and it's for Alice in Wonderland. I know that I usually go with the single color thing, and I will admit this drawing seems a bit 'busy' but I couldn't help it. 1) Nothing in her outfit/style matched the color of an important object, 2) she looks really good with the many colors and 3) there were too many important objects in the movie to include just one. The objects are from top to bottom: smoke from the caterpillar's pipe, the mushroom you eat to grow/shrink, the heart for the queen of hearts, and then the watch that belongs to the rabbit. Overall I like this picture and it's one of my best-- I actually drew Alice to look like her but also get the 'realism' style.
So in general, life has been kinda crazy lately. I have studio for school, plus normal school (and 2 tests I don't want to study for at all) along with the things i've been trying to accomplish in my free time (drawing, knitting, loom-- all of which have on going projects right now that are like half done) and just being social (which hardly happens). So overall, that's my life and whether I like it or not, it's all I got. :D

Monday, August 30, 2010

To any and all who care, I've got two more Disney Mini's. Cinderella and Bambi. But before we get to that, on to my life. School has started here at KSU Manhattan, and I am already in the studio (Art major, duh) alot and yet, still bored! I have actually gotten a bit burned out on drawing, which is why I haven't knocked out as many by now as I should have in my Disney Mini's collection. Oh well, life isn't bad, so whatever.

Cinderella is known for the dress, but I felt the theme of this drawing would work better with her rags. Too bad her face took forever and still looks awful.

I like how I drew Bambi, I just wish I could have done the color part better and also the backgruond. But that may just be me.
See ya'll soon!


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Here we go again :) I've been drawing more Disney images and for some reason, I'm still not bored of it :D Below are two more miniture drawings I've done.

DUMBO! I LOVE this drawing, the shading is PERFECT and the color adds a nice touch :)

Micky from Fantasia. The reason for the music notes was that I wanted to represent the movie, not this specific clip he's from. I think this turned out ok.

I'll post more once I do more! Bambi is next!


Friday, August 13, 2010

Disney Minitures

Heya :D So I've started a new 'project'. I am doing mini (as in 3x4.5 inches :O ) drawings. Each will be from a Disney movie, with the main character and (hopefully) an object or scenery that relates to that movie. I have 2 so far, 48 (I think) to go!

This is my first. I am trying to go in order of release, which puts Snow White first. This is one of my favorite drawings, mainly because she's not completely in the Disney cartoon style, more realistic, and the Apple is drawn really well :)

I am not a fan of this one, but Pinocchio was SO HARD to draw, ugh. Oh well. That's supposed to be the wishing star behind him.

And finally: Not a mini, but a random drawing I did last week of Tinana and the Frog from Princess and the Frog. Enjoy!


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Disney Drawings

So lately I've been on a drawing streak and I am utterly obsessed with Disney, so as a result, I present: DISNEY DRAWINGS!

3 Different styles of Minnie created for one of my friends. I LOVE how this turned out and I may do one with Mickey and who knows what else :)

Penny from the Rescuers. I drew this for a contest on Deviantart to draw children characters from Disney Movies, so I did Penny with her teddy and Rufus the cat.
Aladdin and Jasmine! This is taken from the scene where they are on top of the pagoda after the carpet ride. This was a good chance for me to work on faces/heads realisticly. I love how it turned out.
Kenai and Koda from Brother Bear. I did this for my sister, and I like how it turned out because the characters are not exactly like the movie, but you still know who they are :D

Thats all my stuff for now. I will post more as I draw more (very soon!).


Saturday, August 7, 2010

Bead loom patterns: Purple diamonds and green squares

Here are 2 patterns I have created for use on the bead loom.

Green diagonal squares (Skill level: Easy/moderate).

Requirements: Size 15 seed beads in the following colors-- Shiny seafoam green, shiny regular/dark green, shiny lime/yellow-green, shiny clear.
White thread
Beading needle and loom

This pattern is: 60 long by 12 wide. About 5 in (~13 cm) long by 3/4 in (~2 cm) wide, before finshing/hooks.

Purple Diamonds (Skill level-- advanced):

Requirements: Size 15 seed beads in the following colors: Transparent Grape, Transparent Blue-violet, Transparent Light Purple, Solid White. Colors may be altered if desired.
Thread (white).
Wide eye beadig needle, long! and loom

This pattern is: 75 long by 25 wide. 6 1/4 in (~16cm) long by 1 1/2 in (~4 cm) wide, before finishing techniques/hooks.

If any of the images do not work, feel free to message me and I can send you the image.


Bead loom bracelets

Hey! It's been awhile since I posted anything, so I figured I should.

Besides knitting, I also really enjoy using my BEAD LOOM! I am obsessed, which stinks because it takes forever to make anything on it XD Below are some of the projects I've made in the last 3ish years.

My most recent, with more experimentation. This thing took seriously, 20 + hours to complete (finishing and all). I wanted to try a new hook technique since regular clasps never seem to work well, and so I stumbled upon this. I wove all the ends in, then sewed felt to the back, then used embrodery floss, braided it, and sewed it to the sides. I then made bead balls on one end, and loops with the braided floss on the other. It actually worked really well, and I'm so proud of it!

This was one of the first I made on my bead loom that I got for Christmas 2 years ago (already??) This was also the first I experimented with on the felt technique (Which I love). To do the felt technique, simply complete the work, then weave in the weft strings, and then sew a piece of felt or material to the back to keep everything in place.

This is a very old bracelet (One of my firsts) made on a cardboard loom. It's the Danny Phantom logo. I recently went back and redid the hook and put felt on the back.

This is my Christmas time bracelet. It's Christmas lights. Also made on cardboard and before I knew how to weave in the weft strings.

This is one of the first one's I made before I even had a loom and was using cardboard. I actually still wear this one, even though it's not finshed very well.

Super old bracelet I did a LONG time ago on cardboard loom. All the beads were kinda different sizes so it wasn't the best, and it was too long so the hook got messed up XD I really like the colors and pattern though, so I may remake it someday.

So. I think I'm going to post some of my patterns on here too because all of these were created on my own, not from someone else's pattern.


Monday, February 22, 2010

I'm making another pair of socks!!!!!!!

The end.


Friday, February 19, 2010

Knitted Headband #1

Hey guys (if anyone is actually reading this).
I made an ear-warmer headband last night with some leftover yarn from my ipod arm band. It turned out well for my first attempt at circular knitting, but I am unsure how warm it will be because of the yarn I used. Below are some pics, just ignore the fact that I look like a dork in them.
Pattern found here:

See you guys (if anyone is reading this) around.


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Random Stuff I've made

Hi! I am thinking that I don't honestly have anyone reading this,but I shall post anyways :D
Below are pics of two random projects I've done recently.

MY SOCKS! I took a sock class with my aunt and enjoyed it alot, so I can't wait to make more!
Random experiment. I found the pattern online, but in the end tweeked it alot. It's an armband for my Ipod, and it actually works pretty well at the rec, so I'm happy.

If anyone wants patterns, let me know.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Scarves

So I have made a total of seven scarves. Two were gifts, so I don't have pictures yet. One is at home ( I hope). Below are the rest of them. I hope you enjoy. If anyone wants my patterns (although some weren't planned), let me know.

Made: Winter 2008W
This was crocheted, but whatever. I had the yarn sitting around and just started crocheting it, no plans or anything. This is the end result. It's ok, I like the fuzzyness and length (it was actually longer when I made it, so I had to cut it off and sew the ends). The colors are a bit crazy though, so I don't wear it alot.

Made: Winter 2008
This was my first scarf after I learned how to purl and make the V's! I was so happy after I learned those! This was with super bulky 'furry' yarn, so I didn't want to block it and chance losing the fuzz. That's why it's curly (I didn't know it would do that when I started). I like this for the colors.

Made: Winter 2009
This was some leftover yarn of my mom's so I went crazy. It turned out really long, and despite my efforts to prevent rolling (by knitting the edges) it still rolls anyways XD. Oh well I like this one because of the colors and how long and warn it is.

Made: January 2010
This is my most recent. The style was titled 'bramble', which is what those 'bumps' are. I really like this one because the yarn was think and self striping, I just wish it were longer (ran out of yarn). Left side is the back (which is kinda cool actually) and right is the front.

I hopee you enjoyed!


This is MY BLOG!

Hi! My name is Lisa and this is going to be my art and knitting blog. I am currently a Freshman in art at college and I also knit alot in my free time. Here you will find info about my latest projects and stuff. :D But first a bit about me:

I have been doing art all my life, and have decided to let it control my future. I feel that I am pretty good at it, but I've definately seen better. I also knit alot in my free time, I have made about 5 scarves in the past 2 months and I just learned how to make socks :D

That's me! Lol maybe I will post more about me later, but that's not really what this blog is here for.