Friday, August 21, 2015

Beginnings and Endings

I'm not going to lie - I am only updating right now because it's pouring out and I don't want to pack my car in the rain. However, I know that I am overdue for an update and have so many things to share!

My Navasota Residency comes to an end this Tuesday, although it's pretty much over now as most of my things are at the new place and I have been working a new job as of last week. It's been such a crazy year and so many things have happened within my art, knitting and personal life during the time. I'm definitely going to miss the studio time ! I did one final residency blog post over on Wordpress you can check out for more info. 

"Sleeping Moon Ice"

I did manage to finish the painting I referenced in my last post. And I had an extra week so I knocked out another! 

"Desperate Evening Sun"

On the knitting front, my sister loved her shawl! Doesn't it drape on her shoulders just perfect?

My other shawl - "woven colors" is very slow going right now. Both the lack of motivation and the sluggish speed that is flat colorwork are causing it to take some time. 

However, I did get some spinning done on the wheel - which is definitely my new obsession.  The second skein of the merino is complete (and already being knit!)

Things are pretty slow around here with all the moving. Once September hits I believe that things will settle down and more consistency will begin once again with my art and knitting time. 

Finally, I purchased some new art for my apartment last week. The one on the left is an assemblage of alcohol ink pieces by local artist - Barbara German - and the right is a painted tile by an Austin based artist (forgetful of name again) from a sale that another artist of mine was having. 

That being said, it's lunch time :) Have a great weekend my friends! 


PS - New apartment photos are coming very soon !