Sunday, January 23, 2011

Amazing blue hat and headband.

So school has started back up and I'm already feeling the pressure I've put upon myself with the crazy schedule of classes I have. It's my own fault, and I am up to the challenge! However, I won't be getting as much knitting done (or atleast that what I keep saying...). But I did manage to make a hat last week and use the scraps for an earwarmer headband.

The photos do this hat no justice, but then again, it's hard to see this without looking close anyways. I made the design from scratch and it has cables and ribbing it's really pretty. It's a bit bulky, which is what led to me making the headband below.

This was made from a pattern I've used before and I had extra yarn from the hat. I love this and I wear it alot. It's really pretty!

So I wish I could say more, but I'm out of ideas. Talk to everyone soon!