Wednesday, May 11, 2011

It's FINALLY Summer!

It's very hard to believe that another school year has past and that I will soon be a JUNIOR (gasp!) in College! Wow. Alot of things have happened this semester, so I'm going to take some time and reflect as well as share my recent creations.

First of all, Relay for Life came and went. I expected so much, so I guess I had high hopes. Sadly, we got rained out and were only able to stay until 10 :( But we still kicked KU's butt on funds!

Second, ART! I went through C.A.R. (Concentration Admissions Review) this semester, hoping to get accepted into the Painting Program, and guess what? I DID! I was so happy when I got the acceptance email! However, I still have this crazy dream of working for Disney, SO I am going to go through C.A.R. again next semester, to try and get into the Digital Arts. This means that if I get in I will be doubling in Painting and Digital Arts, and I will probably be stuck with atleast an extra semester of school But this is what I truely want to do with my life, so I think I can handle it.

As for the summer, well I plan to knit like crazy, mostly dishcloths (Explaination below) but also socks and all the projects I didn't finish over Christmas Break. Also though, I will be in SCOTLAND! Yep, I am taking a study abroad trip with a class for 3 weeks to Scotland! I'm really excited, I've never been outside the USA.

Besides Scotland, I will be working 40 hrs a week all through June, then taking another class when I'm back as well as working, so I don't honestly know how much free time I will have, but it will still be better than normal school.

Ok so here are some of my recent projects:

Multi-directional scarf for my friend Rachel, who turned 21 in February. I just always like making things for my friends if I can! This is a nice heavy scarf made with Deborah Norville yarn.

Headband and Scarf I made for my friend Lynnsey's Birthday. She loves pink and I knew she'd love these! I feel bad because I used "cheap" yarn,but I was on a budget and I knew she wouldn't mind. She loved them btw.

Blue headband I made with leftover yarn from that hat. I LOVE this! I have even had a few people ask me to make them ones also. Maybe if I ever have time I'll set up an Etsy shop and sell them. :)
So I am making dishcloths. Not my favorite project, and I sometimes wish I had more time to make things for me, but it's for a good cause. I plan to be selling these, as well as homemade dish soap and other things, at Farmer's Market to raise some money for Relay for Life next year. Yes, I'm insane. Whatever. I think that the profits are going to be pretty good, because cotton is super cheap and the amount you can make with one ball is nice too. Wish me luck!

Besides all of these, I also have a lacy purple scarf started, a pair of socks with just one done, and I also learned 2-at-a-time socks, so that pair is about half done. I'm really excited to get some time to knit, even with work and summer school, hopefully there will be time! I've also learned how to spin on a drop spindle, but I'm no where near good enough to feel good about it yet. Maybe once I am I can make my own yarn!

Hopefully I'll update this more often as the summer goes, I can't wait for it all to begin!