Friday, May 15, 2015

Friday Five + A New Crafting Addition.

Keeping with what I started last week, I am going to update with mostly photos. Please read the whole thing for a surprise at the end! 

Another gouache painting done, in three days (about 5-6 hours work)

Ever growing pile of white balls that are so boring to knit but will be so epic once they are on top of my tree.

Another new large oil. I have 2 weeks to finish and I'm hoping it doesn't turn too pink.

Gorgeous riverside TX flowers on my walk tonight.

And now for the big news. 

Let's start with a quick preface. Last night at Knit Guild we had a spinning demonstration. I brought my spindle since the lady running it - Debbie - knew I was a spindler. Many of the spinners also attend knit days on Sunday at our local LYS and I have been found saying a couple times how cool it is to watch them spin on wheels.

At the end of the presentation Debbie walked over to the corner and brought this older looking wheel over to where I was sitting. She set it down and said "Lisa, this is your new wheel". And all I could say was "Wait, what?".

She proceeded to tell me that it was a handmade wheel that had been passed on from several different people - started in California - and that it was time for her to pass it on. When my time is right I will pass it on also.

Now the real question is... how do I actually spin on it? I guess time will tell. Until then I will just be staring at it was a smile on my face.


Thursday, May 7, 2015

Thursdays Are...

Studying the color white with oil paint

Honey spiced chicken with chickpea-quinoa salad. 

A finished shawl (as of last week!)

Knitting lots and lots of large, white balls. 

Almost done with a cardigan in under a week. 

Crochet all handspun scarf in the works. 

A new gouache painting larger than I have worked in this medium before. 

A blank wall because a painting has been sold.