About Me

Knitter, spinner, artist, cook, cat-lady, friend.  

As a knitter, I have been hard at it since my freshman year of college (Fall of 2009). I picked up the needles before then, in 2007, and learned the super basics and made what seems like a billion cheap scarves. I got bored though, and put the needles down.  Something about being in college drew me back to the needles and ever since I have not been able to put them down. 

One of the things that made me fall in love again with knitting is socks. I learned to knit socks on dpn's and it opened a whole new world for me! I learned about 'quality' yarns, while also learning to knit in the round and  do decreases, increases and more than just stockinette. I owe Kennita at Wildflower and her sock class so much!

Ever since that fateful class I have been hard at work making new things - sweaters, shawls, intricate lace. Constantly learning new techniques and discovering new yarns.  Currently by LYS - WC Mercantile in TX - has become my second home. 

Spinning is something I picked up after learning to knit. I had heard a lot about it but had never thought I would try. Then I met the amazing Ivy and she told me so much about spinning I just had to try. My first spindle was a CD and a dowel rod and I am so glad I have progressed past that. I love every minute I spend spinning: It's so meditative and has gotten me through the toughest situations.

Upon joining my current knitting group I met lots of wheel spinners, and they got me addicted to the idea.  To my complete suprise, in March of 2015, I was gifted a beautiful homemade wheel that has been passed between spinners.  It has it's issues and has needed repairs, but I love that I am able to get a bit of wheel spinning in!

I have been an artist since the day I was born, always wanting to color and cut and create. It only makes sense that I would choose it as my degree when I got to college.  As an art student, I have faced lows and highs and ups and downs and everything in between. Finally in the fall of 2013 I found my calling and the "Knit-scape" was born.  Ever since I have been creating surrealistic landscapes made up of knitted forms, and more recently "knitted trees". I graduated with my art degree in December of 2013 and then moved down to TX to pursue an actual career as an artist. While it may not all be smooth sailing, I know I will be making art my whole life.

Cook is a new word I use to refer to myself as. As I have become more caring about my body, I have become much more into buying and cooking my own food. I get such a rush when I visit the Farmer's Market every week! Having a place to myself helps. It gives me a chance to experiment -- which is what 90% of what I cook is -- and allows me to just go wild in the kitchen! I also have spent the last six months working in a kitchen as my job and have learned so many new skills from doing so.  I may not have as much time to experiment as I used to, but I still like making things from scratch when I can!

Calling myself a Cat-lady is an understatement. In elementary school everyone knew me as the girl obsessed with cats, and that was being nice. I have always had a thing for the cute little guys (and girls) and always will. Having 2 of my own back home has helped.  I can't wait to grow old and collect many shelters cats with disabilities :) 

Finally, I am a friend. I always know what is best for those around me and am willing to lend an ear, hand, heart, whatever, for those willing to do the same.  I've had my fair share of drama, and lost a few friends in the process, but overall it just means that it wasn't meant to be. The friends I care about the most are the ones that have stuck by me through everything, and for that I owe them my life.

Updated 12/27/2015