Saturday, July 18, 2015

Race to the Finish.

Guys.  I have 4.5 weeks left of my Residency in Navasota. Can you believe it? It's been almost a YEAR since I relocated to Texas! For the record, I am moving to Bryan (about 20miles down the road from where I am right now) BUT I won't have a real studio for awhile.

Given that my time is quickly racing by, I am working on getting 2 knit projects and a large painting done before I have to say goodbye to my time here. It's definitely going to be a stressful last few weeks.

I mentioned in my last post I was going home for a week or so to set up a show at my local library. I got it all set up and it looks great! The reception went well also - lots of old friends made it out :) 

The night before I left I decided to finish up my first skein on the wheel. I couldn't just leave it there for a week! It looks pretty good for a first attempt, but I am excited to get better!

On with the spinning, I decided to start a new batch the other night. This is some merino dyed by the owner of my LYS. I'm trying to go fingering weight and consistent. So far I'm doing ok, but having a few issues with underspinning. 

Before I left I also finished my "Alpha B Blue" shawl.  My first real lace shawl (but not lace-weight!) and only a couple of not-so-noticeable mistakes. Total win!

On the list of finished projects, I have this cute little wine cozy I made for my roommate this is also done. She's been such a sweetheart the last few weeks that I wanted to give her a gift. 

 While I was back in Kansas I could not resist the urge to go into the yarn shop there. Luckily my sister was with me and decided she wanted me to make her a shawl. This is the result. It's got about 15 rows left and I'm trying to finish it by mid August when they visit.
(yarn Louisa Harding Amitola, pattern Revontuli/Northern Lights)

And something for myself is on the needles as well. A self designed colorwork shawl. If I can figure out how to word it, I want to publish this pattern. 

And finally the large painting I mentioned. I have two weeks to finish this one before I have to hit clean up mode. I think I can do it. (right now it's about half done - it's gonna get darker!)

Isn't it crazy how time can just fly by and you can get so much done without noticing? Just re-reading this post has made me realize the last three weeks have been. I hope I can keep this mojo up for a bit longer!


I'm leaving you all with a photo of my family's new kitten - Gizmo - who is one heck of a stinker. He was jumping up my legs, eating plants and chasing his tail all week.