Monday, June 12, 2017

Mid June Updates

Well here we are, half way through the year.  Really, what is happening?

I didn't get a chance to blog last week because I was still on my iPad, and I don't enjoy trying to add photos and update from the iPad interface.  But never fear, my computer is back and I am happy to report I am back to blogging!

I figured the best post for today was a quick update on my WIPs for June.  

First up is my year of sock update.  Pair 6 took me a bit to get motivated to cast on, and as such I chose to do simple ankle socks.  I need more pairs of those anyway.  This pair is with some Panda sock yarn (Merino/Nylon/Bamboo blend) that I dyed back when I was starting out on my dye adventures.  I decided I didn't like the heathered, pale look for what I wanted, but the minis I practiced on are the perfect size for my socks.  So I've been striping the four balls to make "rainbow panda socks".  I love how this yarn knits up.

On the discussion of my dye experiments, the shawl I am designing for "Morning Garden Stream" is coming along nicely.  Asymmetrical with bits of seed and openwork to emulate the overall painting's theme, it will be ended with a band of dark blue to further represent the original inspiration.  I cannot wait to finish this up :) 

After finishing my first crochet tank, I decided to cast on another with Berocco Cotton Twist, which is discontinued.  Turns out I don't have enough of the yarn to finish the back side, so this has been sitting by my chair untouched for about a month.  I finally got on Ravelry and contacted someone selling some, so hopefully it will be done soon.  I do like crochet tanks for summer, I just need to finish this one up before moving on. 


What are you working on? Anything exciting? I've had a lot of free time lately with school out, and it's allowing me time to really get creative.  Hopefully the summer won't fly by!


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  1. Your shawl grew significantly! The colors will "open up" so beautifully after blocking!


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