Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Summer of Art

Being out of school for a few months sure feels nice.  I've been able to travel a bit, get some major knitting done, and most importantly - make some new art!

I decided today's post is going to be about the art that I've been working on as of late, since it seems like it has been a while since I've shared anything from that side of my life.

First up is an oil painting I finished last week.  "Green Sea Tears" is the first in a series of at least three 20x16 paintings where the viewer is looking down and one of the forms is glowing.  I think I pulled it off well.  I do plan to make the next ones have a bit more of a glow to them. 

The second one has been started.  I have decided this series will have paintings that are all radically different in color from each other.  I haven't done a straight up orange painting in ages, so it's about time.  For this one the top right circle will be the glowing form - I just haven't added the yarn on top yet. 

Figure drawing group is every Wednesday night and I get to run it for my boss. It's given me a chance to really hone my drawing skills (and enter some shows - see here).  I really enjoy this style of layering all of the night's poses on the paper.  I just wish photographing drawings on white paper were easier.

Finally, a project I'm working on for my solo exhibition in September at the Village Cafe (pictured above).  As it will be my three year anniversary of moving to Texas I am going around and taking photos of places that have held significance to me during this time and then "yarn-bombing" them.  The cafe has this one wall that I plan to just plaster with these photos.  It's been fun so far!

Art is a thing that will never leave my life, no matter what form it decides to take.  I'm just too creative for my own good sometimes.  What about you? Do you ever create anything that isn't knitting? Any art happening? I'd love to hear!


PS: For anyone interested, I recently changed my artist website again. It's a lot cleaner and more  professional looking. 


  1. gorgeous new work! I love the painting and photo combinations, they look incredible.

  2. Wonderful work! And how exciting to have your very own solo exhibition!!! Well done! I wish I could have more time to express my creativity more often, but so far it's all about my day job and knitting :)


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