Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Dye Pot [Attempt Three]

I'm updating from my iPad today, as my computer Is in the shop due to a stupid move on my part.  I just couldn't miss a week blogging when I've been so good this year. So please ignore any typos and the non-formatted images. 

I've been dying again. This time the focus is on "Fallen Moon Drops", a painting from 2014. I love the violets and knew this would be a good seller when the time came.  

I've tested it before and had very little luck with the violets and blues. As this painting was sold I haven't actually seen in person for awhile and for some crazy reason thought there was more teal in it, even tho the above photo is very accurate. Luckily I borrowed the painting back and finally figured out the colors. 

Using a beautiful violet watercolor paired with a fuscia watercolor and a sky blue food coloring (NOT TEAL!)  I did a couple of practice mini skeins yesterday. To my delight both turns out nice. 

The one on the left is a closer match, as the one on the right still has too much yellow. I'm thinking g the the yellow will really just have to be small drops of I don't want it taking over. But I love my blues and purples. And is r it crazy how the way you twist a skein can really affect the impact? I love how the skei stripes on the right just because of how I twisted it. 

I Am also working on a shawl design for the color way I have figured out. "Morning garden stream". It's asymmetrical and has some fun stitch variation. I can't wait to ha e it done and ready to send to testers. 


Summer is here so Im hoping to get lots of progress I. On this dye endeavor, plus lots of knitting and painting. Anyone have any fun plans? 


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  1. Love that you are creating a special pattern to match your yarn! It makes it even more personal!


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