Sunday, September 7, 2014

Houston ;)

This past weekend Catherine and I hit up Houston for some shopping and art openings. It was a whole new experience, that's for sure. I was the driver, and I have never experienced a city/freeway quite like theirs. (K.C. is big, but still decent).

Luckily Houston is only 70 miles from us, so we can return pretty much whenever we want fairly easy.

One of the intersections was super fancy for some reason. This was the only one like this I saw....

As we were driving, it started to rain. The combo of rain and reflections makes this a favorite photo of mine.

Really cool old Sears building. It was vacant now though.

Art opening for Micheal Villarreal, who was an Artist in Residence in Navasota before us. 

Overall, we ended up seeing 5 different art shows and talking to a few people here and there. I hope to make it back again - I really want to get my art into one of these spaces before I leave.

Weekly Inspirations:
Art: One of my favorite shows that we saw the works of Seth Alverson. He really knows how to create depth with his paint - from far away there is so much space and then you get close and it's a flat painting. I am definitely keeping him on my radar.
Knitting: I started a new shawl that I have been wanting to start for awhile. It uses yarn that I dyed 2 summers ago that was intended for this project. Better late than never.
Food: In Houston we tried Ethiopian food. Of course Catherine has had it before. I have not, but it was super yummy. What an experience though - you don't use silverware, you pick it all up with the cool bread.
Life: I finally have my studio set up and another painting done! You should check out our Navasota blog for more info - navasota AIR Wordpress

I hope that everyone had a lovely Sunday, I know I did. :)



  1. I am just so happy for you and for all your adventures. I love the shape of your photos. And I remember when Sears stores like that were brand new!

    1. I don't remember sears stores like that, but I remember other stores like that. And shopping malls with stores like that. Thanks for the positive comments, I am so happy I get to share my adventures with everyone.

  2. I loved taking a look at your professional studio blog (squee!). I definitely want to visit Houston again, I obviously don't remember any of it if it was that awesome!

    1. Well then, get your butt down here and we'll go exploring :)


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