Monday, September 15, 2014

All Things Creative

Being in such a lovely place with no real job, just unlimited creative time, has given me so many different projects to work on. I have so many creative adventures to share with you all this week! From knitting to painting to even a bit of crochet.

First on my list is this gorgeous handspun with a special story. Two years ago I purchased two bags of beautiful local brown wool at a craft fair. I sent one bag to my friend Ivy and kept one for myself. The idea was that we would each spin singles with our bags, then send half of the singles to each other to ply together, so that the end yarn would be a two ply, made up of one ply mine and one ply hers. This yarn has been done since this past Feb/March, but it just never came off my spindle. Well, when I went to start my Texas Alpaca, I discovered it and knew it needed to come off. This is the end result. Isn't is gorgeous? Now I just need to perfect pattern for it!

My Multnomah shawl is making speedy progress as well: I can't spend my entire days painting after all! I went to my knitting group yesterday ready to start the feather and fan portion and left with 3 repeats done (out of 10). I have a feeling that in another week or so this will be bound off and ready to block. 

I'm not sure why (ok, maybe it was the knitters guild I went to and the quick crochet tutorial they gave this week), but I had a hankering to start a crochet project yesterday. It's so weird, because although I use crochet for edgings and cast-ons, I haven't actually made anything substantial with it. Out of pure laziness. Because it's so pretty, I grabbed the hand-dyed naturespun yarn that was sitting on top of my yarn bin and decided to start a scarf. As it turns out, the width I am making it creating a very cool diagonal pattern. I hope it stays that way!

I have also been creating some super cute watercolor stitch paintings as of late (gotta have something to do while I finish up watching Lost). I decided to turn them into greeting cards to sell at a coming up art show (and then hopefully etsy after that).  What do you think? Would you buy them? 

 I have a finished oil painting also, but I haven't seemed to get a good photo of it yet. Stay tuned for that in the next post. :)

Weekly Inspirations:
Art: Me and Mick are planning on participating in a Guerrilla Art Takeover in College Station next month. We met with the creator and are super excited to do it - it sounds like so much fun!
Knitting:  Stitched Together has made yet another gorgeous striped project, and I am once again feeling inspired. Is this in my future?
Food: I made whole wheat pancakes yesterday and they were super yummy! Want my recipe? Check out my food blog!
Life: It's finally cooling down here in Texas, thank god. The humidity has been getting to me. But hopefully that will pass soon.

I hope everyone has a happy and productive week. I see mine being just that.



  1. Your skein looks so much more nice and even than mine! So pretty, I don't think I'll knit with mine, I like it too much. So many projects!

    1. I bet yours is just as good, you just are too modest :) I want to knit with it but it has to be the perfect pattern.

  2. What a sweet idea for your handspun -- friendship yarn! I like your greeting cards, too!

    1. Thanks Alicia, I hope that maybe I can make a bit off the cards. And yea, the friendship yarn was a great idea that more people should do :)


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