Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday Five

I feel like Friday's have become my norm for blog posts, because here we are again at yet another one. I know it's been a bit since my last update, but I have had so many amazing things going on that I just haven't found the time to share it all with you. This past week I moved myself and all of my art to Navasota, TX, to begin my 6-month artist residency. I promise this coming week you will see an update or two on my life here.

For today, I wanted to share all things knitterly, because I have so many! Let's just call it my "Friday Five" - Five things to share :)

1) I finally finished my mom's socks about a week and a half ago, just in time for the move. She says they fit her very well, with a bit of baggy in the foot (as always...). I love how these turned out. The pattern was very easy and the yarn was a breeze to knit with. Overall, it was a nice fun project!

2) The day after I finished the socks my friend Ashley was coming over for a Disney knit day. I needed something easy and quick to work on and decided I needed more berets. I'm a big fan of the lacy kind over the cabled kind and found Gwen Slouch to be a perfect match for my stashed Premier Yarn. I literally had this done in 24 hours. :)

3)  When I started stash diving after my hat, I had no idea what I'd find or what I would make. I came across a skein of some turquoise merino from my aunt and some dark Dream in Color that I made my first socks with. As I mentioned in my last post, I am absolutely in love with this chevron cowl/scarf and decided that these two paired together nicely. All I needed as a third color, of which I found at my LYS in the form of Ella Rae classic superwash in a nice rusty pumpkin color. I think the three of these together are making for one gorgeous scarf!

4) As I was stash diving that day, I also found this berry-dyed yarn from a few summers ago.  The color is super muted and I decided it needed a pick me up. Out came the food colors and the jar and in went the yarn. I dyed it in a similar fashion to how I dyed my friend's yarn last year - by tying off only certain areas to leave the past color visible in some spots.  Through this experiment I learned that the purple Wilton's food dye tends to separate, leaving behind a bit of blue in some areas. I'm ok with this though, because I think it adds character. Definitely an improvement from the original.  

5) Yesterday, after finally feeling settled in, I went to the LYS here in Navasota - W.C. Mercantile. One step in the door and I knew I was in fiber heaven. Half the store is dedicated to spinning and the other to knitting and all was just gorgeous. They have lots and lots of local spun and dyed yarns and fibers and a very welcoming atmosphere. Safe to say I will be returning!  

My first purchase was this gorgeous bit of local alpaca from Bluebonnet Hills Alpaca, in a nice rusty color. I have been itching to spin again and this has fit the bill nicely. I cannot wait to see how it turns out.

Normally I'd go ahead and give you my weekly inspirations, but this post as already been super long. Next week I'll go back to doing that, as well as filling you all in on my first week in Texas. Until then, I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!



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