Friday, August 8, 2014

Artful Bliss

Hello friends. I come bearing amazingly exciting, yet nerve wracking news. I have an interview this afternoon with the Navasota Artist in Residence Program. If I do well, I will receive a completely paid for 6-month studio/apartment experience in the Brazos Valley of TX. Words can't even explain how much I want this. Fingers crossed.

Anyways, back to the here and now, I wanted to take a moment to share with you my current projects.  With my Art Center job done (sad day!) I have had extra time to knit and paint during the day before going to work at my other job.

I finally got around to starting a new gouache painting, after having about a month break due to work. This one just kind of popped into my head. I wanted to do something new and different, so I made a bunch of i-cords and put pipe cleaners inside them to make them bendable. As I set up my still life I found myself making "bridges" and went with the idea.  As for the color, well I have a blue light and a pink light shining on it and somehow this is what I got. It's not quite done yet, but a couple more paint sessions and it should be. 

My current, and only, knitting project is my mom's socks. I started these a little over a week ago using some Lion Brand Sock-ease she happened to come across at Goodwill. Since I have yet to finish her wrap, I figured I owed her something hand knit. She looked through my favorite sock book - Socks from the Toe Up and decided she wanted some texture. Luckily, she picked the Lacy Ribs socks, which are dead simple. I have knitted these once before, but alas, they felted in the machine. So it's nice to be doing them again and watching the texture appear as I knit. I think that I should have these done in another week or two if I keep it up. 

In other news, my food blog is up and running again. You should really go check it out! The current recipe is this super yummy chocolate coconut cake. I know you won't be sorry you tried this deliciousness. 

Weekly Inspirations:

Art: With this TX residency suddenly in my radar, I decided to give their blog a lookie. I found Michael Villarreal doing some crazy stuff with plaster, and Owen Drysdale doing some pretty legit drawings. Both are actually really inspiring and a good example of the kinds of things this program is looking for.
Knitting: I can't decide what I will cast on next. I think it will depend what I'm feeling and where I'm at. But I see a shawl in my future. Maybe Truly Myrtles new pattern? 
Food: Seriously, just try that cake I mentioned
Life: Well, I downloaded the old PC game Roller Coaster Tycoon for my computer. I probably shouldn't have, because now I am re-obsessed with it. Dang it anyways. 

I hope that this week has treated everyone well. It's been a roller coaster of work, exercising, amazing news and crazy experiences. This weekend will be just as much - we are going to Kansas City for a baseball game as our "vacation". If it doesn't get rained out...



  1. Good luck again, you'll be fantastic! I've been wanting to make those socks for a while now, I think that the colorway choice they showed there always put me off though, your colorway choice is way better.

  2. I have my fingers crossed for you. I so hope you get this residency -- you have worked so hard and your work is awesome.

    I will not make that cake -- I've gone 8 days without sweets. But you are challenging me. I love chocolate and coconut!

    1. I wish I had your willpower - I need to just stop with the sweets, I really do.

      And thanks! I will be posting more updating on my news this week :)


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