Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Imagination is more important than knowledge

I would like to agree with the above quote.  Imagination really is the key to a better future.  The past few years I have felt this with all my heart, as my imagination has begun to flourish. 

I spent this past weekend in Greeley, Colorado.  As I mentioned in a previous post, I had submitted a few works to the National Greeley Art Exhibition, and one of them (Green Rain Tears) got accepted.  While the shipping was far beyond my budget, I believe that participating in this show was well worth it. One, it gave me a chance to exhibit outside of good old Manhattan, KS.  Two, I learned just what it takes to prepare, pack and ship work to a show.  And three, it gave me an reason to leave town for the weekend. 

Me with my painting at the show. ( I had a better photo, but I accidentally deleted it)

Me and my good friend Rachel decided to travel up to Greeley for the opening of the show this past weekend.  Let me just say it wasn't quite was I expected. I had hoped to get the chance to meet other artists and do some networking.  I had hoped (but didn't expect) that my painting may get an award, or even sell. To be completely honest, it was a little unorganized.  Set up at a local bank, all the works were either on easels (like mine above) or hanging from wire dividers.  Most of the works in the show were landscapes, animals or city scapes.  In fact, mine was one of only a few abstract works that I saw. It was also lots of older people, and lots of locals.  I am not even sure if anyone there knew I was an artist (they didn't give artists name tags or anything).  So by the end of that night, I was a bit down. I had hoped something would come from the reception/show and nothing really had.  The show runs until Friday, May 9 (Yes, it's a very short show), so who knows. Something amazing could happen. Fingers crossed.

Saturday, me and Rachel set out to explore Greeley. Their downtown area is a very artsy, cultured place - much better than most places I've been.  As frustrating as the previous night was, Saturday made the trip well worth it. We started the morning at a local comic book shop for Free Comic Book Day. I came out unscathed, but Rachel had other ideas. Let's just say she's a comic nerd.  We found this very cool statue and just needed photos!

I <3 nbsp="" p="" spiderman.="">

Lunch came in the form of the cutest little crepe shop, Cafe Panache.  One step inside and I knew that I could spend every day here eating crepes and knitting.  It's so full of character, with local art lining the walls and vintage decor and furniture.  And to make the experience even better, we started talking to the owners, which led to showing them my work, which led to them inquiring about me displaying there.  It is almost 7 hours away from home, so I don't know if it will ever work out, but I am going to contact them in the next couple of weeks to follow up. 

Doesn't it just scream "Knit here!"

The rest of the afternoon we kept on exploring, which included more local galleries and shops.  I can tell you one thing - our feet were very tired by the time we decided to go home. But as I have said before, it was well worth it.  After relaxing for a bit, we decided to grab dinner at Santaremo's, a local Italian place with homemade pasta. It was so yummy. And because the night was still young, we explored the park also, which was a treat.  The lights started to come on and it go so beautiful with all it's sculptures and greenery. As I wondered around a learned about my camera, Rachel enjoyed a nice bench to binge on her comics. 


Me experimenting with my camera while Rachel enjoys her comic. 

We ended the night at a local bar, which was so much different than the bars I am used to here in Manhattan - even though it was busy, it was so calm and relaxing.  And the drinks were pretty good too! ;) 

Sunday meant time to head home, but not before breakfast at another local eatery.  The Kitchen was a quaint little spot we found the day before.  I am so glad we did, it was probably the best restaurant breakfast I have ever eaten. And the sign doesn't lie - they really do serve homemade bread. It was so good, we each bought a loaf to bring home. 

And more street art too!

The weekend has since come to a close and I am back in reality. I guess the fun can't last forever.  If I learned one thing from my trip, it's that I am destined for bigger and better things outside of Kansas.  I saw amazing art, met amazing people, explored an amazing city and ate some amazing food. The Greeley/Ft. Collins area is definitely on my maybe list for my move this fall.

And because I can't go a post without talking about knitting, I will show you my socks.  I started these on the way up, during Rachel's turn to drive.  Although I planned on just doing vanilla, I decided to instead do the "Dead Simple Lace" pattern from my toe up book.  They're pretty much vanilla.  By the time we got back Sunday, I was at the heel. 

Weekly Inspirations: 

Art:  While in Greeley, we went into Madison and Main Gallery.  There I was able to talk to the artist who was volunteering at the time - Dan Augenstein - who happened to be the artist of my favorite painting in the gallery.  We talked about art and I showed him my works. He loved them and started telling me how to display at their gallery. I am not sure if I will take him up on this offer - it's more of a local gallery and I don't live that close, but I am going to try to keep in touch. 
Knitting:  Well, you saw my socks started above.  Not much else is happening. I am feeling kind of wacky inspired lately - I just finished a white tree and a white mushroom for future painting still lifes.
Food: I had a can of chickpeas in the cabinet I wanted to use, so I googled recipes and found one for lemon pasta and chickpeas. I made it last night and literally wanted to finish the whole pan in one sitting. It was so delicious and so easy (I omitted the breadcrumbs for convience)

Life:  I should be packing to move in a few weeks, I really should. But instead I am working on other things. I wish I could get my priorities straight. My apartment is such a mess right now and it's driving me crazy. 



  1. Toto, she's not in Kansas any more!
    Congratulations on your show. It looks so exciting! And what a fun weekend to boot.
    You have so much ahead of you!

    1. Thanks. I have been a bit unsure lately, but I feel like this trip really sealed my confidence in myself. Everyone seems to see the potential in me and I guess I am starting to see it also :)

  2. What a great trip! For my 2 cents, I think you should take every single one of those people up on their offers to display your work. The more you get it out there, the more doors will open! It's awesome that it sounds like it's been well-received.

    1. Thanks Alicia! I wish I had a bit better reception from the first show, but I think it had to do with audience and them not really knowing my subject. Once I explained my subject to the other places, they got it in a second. I guess that's the drawback to having such a weird concept. But I am glad I am getting my work out there and I am definitely going to get in contact with those places next week when things die down here!
      PS If you see this as a second message, sorry. My computer may or may not have published my first reply.

  3. Wow your painting is beautiful, Lisa! Well done your first show. With your talent there will be many more shows and the awards and sales will come with them.
    I adore your the photo of you and the statue. That is brilliant. :)


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