Sunday, April 27, 2014

Worth the Wait

Is it the end of April already? I cannot believe how fast this "Spring Semester" (I will forever judge time in semesters, despite no longer being in school) has gone by. 

I think one of the signals that time is going so fast is the fact that Relay For Life was this past Friday evening. For those of you who have been following my blog the past months (and years), you have probably heard me talk about Relay and all the efforts I put into the event and fundraising.  This year's event was no different. 
People walking during the Luminaria Ceremony. I love how my camera shaking inadvertently made a good photo. 

Me with my bags in memory and honor of my Grandparents. 

Usually every year we spell out HOPE in the bleachers with Luminaria bags.  Well as Chair for Luminaria, and as my last year on committee at KSU, I wanted to leave a bit of a mark on the event and try something new.  So I decided to make "Giant bags" that say HOPE on them.  As you can see, the wind had other ideas. 

However, the desired effect was still achieved, when we lit them with lanterns and changed them to CURE. 

It was a fun night to be had by all.  Being on committee for the past four years has been a real treat, and this year was even better. Our committee showed so much passion and dedication and really knocked it out of the park. AND at the end we raised almost $27,000 for American Cancer Society, which is an amazing number for a college event. 

On the crafty side, I finished my striped socks about a week or so ago.  I love how they turned out - besides the toes the stripes match perfectly - and think this is my new favorite pair.  However, I think the foot is a bit short, because the heel area keeps sliding down onto the foot.  If I use this pattern again (the basic short row toe up from Wendy Knits) I will make the feet a bit longer.  Has anyone else experienced this and how did you solve it without ripping it out?

Weekly inspirations:

Art:  Ok so to be honest, I haven't been looking for much artistic inspiration lately. But I would love to share with you one of the first "knitting artists" I ever discovered.  There is just something about the simplicity of these that makes me happy. Valerie Molnar
Knitting:  As I mentioned last week, I really want to work more on pairing my yarns with projects.  My first choice shall be Creme Brule. I just need to sit down, find the yarn and start now.
Food: As I type this, I can smell the bread in the oven baking.  For about a year or so now I have been baking my own bread (I think I have maybe bought one or two store bought loaves - not counting the homemade at Farmer's Market - this past year).  The kind I'm particularly fond of right now? Honey wheat oat (which is from the bread machine book)
Life:  With Relay over, packing to move begins. I am t-minus 1 month away from moving. What a scary thought.  However, I am really excited to be finally cleaning up and moving on.
Happy Sunday all!


Just for giggles. 


  1. Wow, $27K?! That's amazing! I really like the giant luminarias, that's a neat idea.

  2. Thanks! Yup, 27k, insane I know. And I am hoping to someday perfect the giant luminaria idea to guard against the wind :)


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