Saturday, April 19, 2014

Inspiration Saturday - Pattern/Stash Match-up!

I've been bored that last couple of nights, which is insane because I have to worry about sending work to shows and Relay For Life stuff this coming week, and decided to attempt to pair up my stash yarn with potential projects.

A gift from my aunt when she went overseas, this yarn was handdyed by members of a tribe she visited (if I remember right, she was in Africa, but I am not completely sure on that). The yarn is 100% bamboo and there's enough here to make a gorgeous summer top.  Upon digging through patterns and patterns on Ravelry, I think that Creme Brule would be a good fit.  The example is in a nice variegated yarn and I have always wanted to have an over sized tee.

Image (C) Joolsy Woolsy


When Wildflower was closing last fall, I grabbed some of this yarn towards the end at 60% off. I have been wanting to knit with it for awhile, and what better timing? Since this yarn is so versatile, there is a good chance my plans will change, but for now I am thinking Sizzle is a good choice. The color really fits the design and the drape would be perfect for this cotton. Once again, another summer knit I really want to start.

Photo (C) Lalouja


There isn't much on Ravelry about this yarn, which I find weird because it is a pretty nice quality yarn. But maybe it's still new, now that I think about it Wildflower didn't have it for very long before I stocked up at the closing sale. Yet another blue yarn to add to my collection, but this time a bit more pale.  A perfect color for the Agnes Pullover.  Simple yet elegant, the perfect winter knit. 

Image (C) Interweave Press

Plans are constantly changing, so who knows if any of these will ever materialize.  But it sure was fun digging through patterns and favorites and searches.  I found a lot of things I would normally overlook and realized there are a lot of projects I really want to knit.  Which one will I start with?

P.S.: Today's post is a part of Woolen Diversion's Inspiration Saturday. What a fun excuse to share ideas!


  1. You found some great patterns. I love matching yarns with patterns.

    1. Thanks! I hope I can cast on one of them soon.


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