Sunday, May 18, 2014


Does it feel like that's been a title for my post(s) before? I feel like it's the title for my life, that's for sure! I am sure you all know what I mean.

Last January, I told myself that come May 1st, my number one priority would be prepping to move back home at the end of the month.  And now that May is here, I have yet to really prep anything. Instead I have been keeping myself busy with work, knitting and art.

For example, I found out that the Wichita Center for the Arts was hosting a "National Small Oil Paintings" show and the deadline to submit was this past Friday.  I don't currently have any small oil paintings and I found out about it two weeks ago. So what did I decide to do? Make one! And I finished it in time (two days before to be honest), but then by the time I got my stuff together and actually read the prospectus I realized that I had to send in the payment by mail and it had to be postmarked that day. I found this out Friday night when I went to enter after a long day of work. And so that opportunity was lost. But I still love this painting and enjoyed working small for once.

"Sad Sun Ice", 20 x 10 inches

I also just finished up a swap over at the stitch marker swap group. I really wanted to send some nice stuff this time around, and decided to go with lots of handmade goodies. I always enjoy participating in these kind of things, it's such a great way to get to know someone!

Nordic pattern inspired knitting bag, markers, spindle art and orange cookies!
Photo (C) the recipient

I guess karma is a good thing, as I received some amazing goodies as well. My partner really is such a sweetheart!

Project bag, yummy chocolate, markers, yarn, and a cute sticky note tablet

And speaking of gifts, my last week at the preschool is the week and all of us teachers in the Apple Room will not be working there next year.  What better way to thank my co-workers for a great year than with a little gift? After much deliberation I decided on market bags with homemade bread. Luckily it's not going to cost me anything to do it, because I have all the bread supplies in my kitchen already and I had the yarn in my stash (Prism Yarn Fantasy Cotton/Linen). Don't those colors just scream farmer's market?

2 down, 2 to go, 3 days.

On a final note, I switched up my lonely Etsy shop again. Now I am selling prints of my gouache paintings. So if you have been really liking my art and would like to own a bit of it, here's your chance :)

Weekly Inspirations:
Art: One of my good knitting/art friends recently had her BFA show and it was beautiful. She is very interested in natural materials and it definitely showed in her works.If you want to see more of what she is up to, check out her blog: The Studio of Something Else. Way to go Stacy, I can't wait to see what's next :)
Knitting: We had knit club last weekend and this month's project is a scarf with floral accents.  I decided to omit the flowers and just knit the scarf with two colors of yarn, to get a nice black/silver scarf. It's going pretty fast, but the bags have me held up right now.
Food: We also had a studio warming for Kennita at knit club, and I decided to try this recipe for Mango Salsa. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I ended up falling in love. It's so simple and so yummy. I ended up making more for myself after (which, sadly is not getting eaten fast enough...).
Life: Did I mention I should be packing? 'nuff said.

I hope you all have a lovely week. If all goes well, my next post will be from Salina!



  1. Good luck with everything you have going on! It'll all get done, one thing at a time. :)

    1. Thanks Alicia, I am slowly but surely making headway. Finished half a bag and painting my walls today. I guess I just like being busy, even though I always complain about it.

  2. You are always so crazy busy! I admire how much you do. And I really love those market bags.

    1. I guess it's the artist in me saying that I need to be busy at all times! And I love those bags too, but after knitting 4 in under a week, I am going to need a break haha.


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