Friday, March 22, 2013

Super Epic (and late) FO Friday

Wow, I have 30 minutes left and then it's officially Saturday here! Considering my lack of any real productivity today, the hours still flew by....

I have been patiently waiting to share this post with you guys, for it is a major milestone for me! However, lack of roomies means I have to find other means of photography, so I wasn't able to get pictures until my parents came to visit for dinner, hence the late post. But without further ado, I introduce my proudest knit piece to date: DRAGONFLIES!

Knitted with Cascade Pacific, in a berry wine color, this sweater is my first in the round pullover and definitely not the last. Seriously, why have I not knitted more of these!

The size on this fits perfect with a top underneath and still allows for breathing room. The only mistakes I made were a couple in the cables on the back (but since it was the back I didn't really care), and I did the decrease on the  left arm on the outside instead of inside, but it's not a noticeable thing. I really like the edging for the bottom, neck and sleeves: it's nice to see something besides ribbing, although the rows of purls were a bit tedious. I decided to shorten the neck height, and I'm glad I did. It's a bit snug to get my head through as it is.

Overall, this is a lovely pattern and one I would definitely recommend for anyone wanting to knit a simple yet elegant pullover.  I am a bit worried about the yarn, for it reminds me a bit of my Vintage sweater, which has started to pill already.  And I love it so much I know it will get lots of wear, which means I need to learn how to seriously hand wash, because I am not about to put this in the machine. I wish the stitch definition was a bit better on the pattern, but beggars cannot be choosers.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. They're expecting more snow here in KS; go figure.



  1. Its a gorgeous sweater, it looks great on you, well done!

  2. It's beautiful! Great fit & a great color on you.

  3. How amazing! I have always wanted to do a sweater but figured I would go insane before it was finished. You have my admiration!! The color is beautiful too!!

  4. Kansas barely got any snow at all last year, it's like it was saving it all up! The sweater is gorgeous! It is definitely my favorite knit of yours. I looks fantastic on you too!

  5. What a gorgeous sweater! I love the pattern and the color - it looks fantastic on you! I guess you'll get to wear it several times before it starts feeling like spring ;)

  6. Your sweater is beautiful! It looks fantastic on too.

  7. Congrats, Lisa! Your sweater looks awesome!


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