Friday, March 8, 2013

FO Friday: Pre-SOCK-upied

In case you can't tell from amazingly cheesy witty title, I have been quite unproductive on the art front lately.  In fact, I think I have spent a grand total of less than 10 hours in studio this week, which is not good, believe me. But then there's the excuse that my drawings are making themselves anyways, so I don't need to.

Back to the theme of today. I finished my socks yesterday! And it only took 3 weeks during what was supposed to be a crazy busy semester...

I wish I could take better pictures of my feet! This is one of those times when I miss having a roommate.  Anyways, the pattern is Fiasco by Alicia Landi of Woolen Diversions. I always love her patterns, so I am so glad I was finally able to knit another ! I wish the pattern showed up better on this yarn, Farmhouse Yarns Fannie's Fingering, but overall I think these are gorgeous. And finally a pair that fits me correctly! YAY!  The only issue I have with these, and maybe it's because they are more for men, is the heel: I am not a huge fan of the garter stitch flap. Whenever I wear these with shoes it's pretty lose and sticks out and bunches up. 

Maybe I'll try and take better pictures later. Something I love about this yarn (this is my second pair in it!...this skein from a clearance rack...) is how springy it is. It's a nice blend of wool and nylon and holds up really well. It's not technically soft, but it still keeps my toes warm.  The other pair in this yarn, Sunday Swing, have stretched a bit since knitting, so they are a bit big, but that may be the pattern more than the yarn.  

I think my favorite part of these socks is the cuff. I love the garter cuff! I want to do it for all my socks :P The pattern really is lovely, I do wish it showed up more, but these wouldn't be as much fun in a solid yarn.  Alicia, you are a sock pattern genius! I can't wait to see your other completed HIMYM socks!



  1. Ah so pretty!!! I'm so glad that they fit so well too : )

  2. They look so cosy!
    I lie on the floor and pop my feet up the wall for sock shots sometimes :)

  3. Oh yay! I'm glad you like them, they look great! The garter cuff is my favorite part, too. :) Thanks for the feedback on the heel, what might help (if you decide to knit it again) is to knit the heel flap on needles one size smaller just to tighten it up a bit.


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