Saturday, March 16, 2013

Saturday Evening Book Review...And My Next Project?

It feels like ages since I have posted a knitting book review; I completely blame the library for moving the books and my teachers for assigning me too many projects. All griping aside though, tonight's books are a couple of fun ones!

No-Pattern Knits by Pat Ashforth and Steve Plummer
-The idea of knitting squares (modular knitting) seems interesting and intriguing. Definitely something new to me!
-The pictures and instructions are very thorough for every step you need to modular knit. 
-I never knew about all the interesting garter stitch shapes you can make just by increasing and decreasing!
-The section on color - really fun :)

-I wish they weren't all garter stitch shapes. I wish there was a way to do them stockinette, or if there is, I wish the book talked about it.
-I don't really like any of the patterns provided :(
-Personal preference -- The looks of squares put together into a sweater/top/object just looks tacky to me.

Favorite Patterns:

Overall, I am not going to lie, I didn't read it all. There is a lot of text in this. I think that it's great for anyone who doesn't like patterns and likes to experiment, but for me I don't know if I'll ever try it (or maybe for a hat?). It's a fun idea just not my style. 

The Knitter's Book of Socks by Clara Parkes
-This is so much more than just a book of socks and techniques; it's very comprehensive. 
-The primary focus is the yarn types good for socks, which is nice because that isn't seen too often in books.
-It's really thorough with lots of options and explanations
-I want to knit pretty much every pattern.

-The price ($30 US)
-Random, but I don't like any of the patterns on the cover...
-It's a lot to read; I still haven't finished it but man I want to.
-Why are all the color work patterns for socks always so ugly??

Favorite Patterns:

Overall, I want this book. BAD. I like the majority of the patterns and the information is very very useful. I love the photos and the layout and it's just a really good book. I highly recommend it for the avid sock knitter. 

Spring Break has arrived, and although I do not have class, I will be in studio pretty much every day this week. But besides studio, I will also be knitting away. My dragonflies sweater is done with the body and half way down one sleeve. My goal is to get it done this week and then start a new project. 

I can't decide what to knit though! I purchased a copy of the Spring Knitscene, and desperately want to knit Salacia, although it is very much out of my comfort zone. I was dead set on this and then I went to knit night and looked through Kennita's new book, Easy Openwork Tops , and liked EVERY pattern in it! Especially the one shown below (none are on Ravelry yet), which would be perfect for my lace yarn from last summer. And then of course there is my massive pile of sock yarn, which is calling my name after reading through that book! What are your thoughts? I'd love to know!

Which will win???

The semester is rolling along, only 4 more weeks until my drawing BFA show and I am still unsure what I will actually be displaying. That's a very scary thought. But for now, I am going to enjoy my week off and keep on knitting!



  1. Glad you liked that sock book! I would highly recommend every single one of Clara's books. As for which top to knit, I like the one on the left and think you'll probably finish it in time to wear it this season since it's smaller and uses thicker yarn. The one on the right is very cool, too, I just think laceweight garments take FOREVER.

  2. Hmmm, I like Salacia the best although not in the color shown. I've also gotten the sock book from the library! I loved the patterns too. Her book on fiber is also fun to flip through.

  3. I love the knitscene patterns :) Lots of goodness to choose from!
    Good luck with your exhibition - how exciting!

  4. I love garter stitch, but I can see your point about a patchwork of garter squares not making the nicest looking pattern!

  5. The Knitters Book of Socks in my wish list as I've become quite the sock knitter this year! As for which pattern you should knit, I say BOTH ... they're so different from one another and while they may be out of your comfort zone, each would make a great addition to you wardrobe. Enjoy spring break!


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