Saturday, January 5, 2013

Welcoming 2013 with Dragonflies and Friends :)

Today I spent the afternoon with my amazing friend Ivy, of whom I have know a couple years now and thoroughly  love spending time with. Since she was visiting me in Salina, we absolutely had to visit the gem of a yarn shop, Yarns: Sold and Told.

This is one of those shops I hardly buy from but wish I could more. I love looking at all the amazing colors, yarns and brands they carry. The selection is far superior to the selection at the shop in my college town, Wildflower.  My budget has been really tight lately, but I knew when I was going to get the yarn for my first pullover (Dragonflies) eventually. So one thing led to another and I walked about with 7 skeins of Cascade Pacific

Cascade Pacific is 60% Acrylic, 40% Merino and super smooth and squishy. I picked out the most beautiful wine color and could not resist, despite my lack of a decent income.

I couldn't wait to get started, so I broke down and purchased the pattern when I got home and promptly started swatching. As it turns out this yarn is more a light worsted than DK, which brought me a bit of anguish when I started. Luckily, going down a needle size and blocking my swatch led to the perfect gauge and a very excited me. 

And now comes the fun part, casting on. I am a bit scared, the pattern looks pretty difficult to be honest. But I told myself I'd do it and I am bound and determined. This sweater is seriously calling my name. 

As I mentioned, me and Ivy had a chance to hang out today. We spent a good couple hours of stitch and bitch at the cutest coffee and book shop downtown. It was such a great way to just relax for a day and hang out with someone so like minded. 

And Ivy being amazing, she brought goodies with her. The cookbook is going to become one of my favorites and the yarn (Berroco Borealis) is going to make an amazing cowl when I get around to it. Ivy knows me so well! 

As soon as I finish this post I'm casting on my sweater .I cannot wait to share my progress with you all. Hopefully if all goes well I will be crossing something off my resolutions list pretty soon. 


Max getting Horny :)


  1. The caption of Max definitely made me laugh! I would definitely describe that yarn as squishy, I'm so glad that you were able to find the perfect yarn for that sweater today! I also enjoyed getting to spend time with you today, there will definitely be more coffee shop knitting in the future!

  2. Aww, yay for hanging out! Also, good for your for swatching. :)

  3. Love your yarn choice! I'm sure you will do great tackling your first pullover.

  4. Its a gorgeous colour, you can totally do this!

  5. I'm sure you can do it! The color is gorgeous. I can't wait to watch your sweater progress.

  6. That yarn looks so heavenly. It almost has a silky sheen to it. It's always fun to stop by and read your knitting adventures :)

  7. Yay! So glad that you and Ivy got to hang out! :) And I totally LOVE your new yarn - that color is just jaw-droppingly beautiful - and I can't wait to follow your progress with the Dragonflies pullover!

  8. I can't wait to see this sweater come to life - I just love that pattern and the yarn you've chosen is delicious!
    I rather like the look of that cookbook - I'd pop in for coffee too if I was closer...


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