Wednesday, January 2, 2013

I Survived the End of the World...

So why not celebrate!?!?! 2013 is here and it's going to be awesome! I cannot wait to get started on my knitting and spinning resolutions and share all my progress with you all. I had such a great year, how can I even top it? Well, I sure plan on trying. :)

2013 Fiber Arts Resolutions:

  1. Knit a pullover/in the round type sweater: 2012 was the year of cardigans and vests, I want 2013 to be the year of pullovers! And I really want to start with this one: Dragonflies pullover
  2. Going off of the last one, I would love to knit a bulky yarns sweater, because there are so many pretty ones :)
  3. Last year I wanted to conquer lace and I feel like I did. Well this year I want to FINISH something lace, with very few mistakes. I have some amazing bison blend yarn that would make a lovely lace scarf!
  4. Felt something, anything. 
  5. Learn more cast-on's and bind-off's. Because I just didn't do it last year and I know it would be beneficial to know.
  6. Design another pair of worsted weight socks. They always seem to go over so well. It's my dream to publish a whole book of worsted socks!
  7. Design a pair of sock-weight socks. Just for the fun of it!
  8. Design and publish something other than socks and submit something to at least 2 publications. I didn't get into Knitty, but I got great response from the editor and I want to try again with them and others. 
  9. Spin something other than worsted/bulky. I would love to make a fingering weight yarn. 
  10. Learn to blend fibers through plying when spinning (like merino and nylon). This goes back to the above point. 
  11. Learn different types of drafts and how to know when to use which. I am still stuck in a rut of doing the same thing every time, whether it works for that roving or not.
  12. Learn how to properly dye with natural materials (flowers, roots etc)
The list is shorter this year :( But I think it's also tougher. I am really excited to start some of these things and I think I am going to hit up Wildflower as soon as I get back for the yarn for that pull-over. I need something to do with the last 2 weeks of my break.

As for life, I have a few resolutions as well.

-Keep up with the strides I made in my artwork, diet, exercise, and social life. I did so well this year and I really want it to just keep going up.
-Stop bugging my friends so much. I think I am addicted to my phone and texting people, and then I get frustrated when they don't reply. So that's something I want to work on this year. 
-Stop worrying about the little things and over obsessing. Especially about guy issues. 

I hope this year goes well, and I really hope I don't forget all the things I said I'd do. I really do want to keep my resolutions this year. 

What are your resolutions? Anything you really want to learn to do this year? I'd love to hear. :P

Happy 2013!



  1. Wow, that is a hilarious photo! How did they even find a cat sized traffic cone? That is a wonderful list, and I think that you can definitely work through it this year! The pullover is gorgeous, I've never seen that pattern before.

  2. This is a great list, really comprehensive. But I did have to choke back a laugh when you said it was short. I was reading it, and thinking that I could NEVER accomplish all of those things. Looking forward to reading about it all!

  3. That is a pretty intimidating list! But, of course, if you don't set your sights high, you won't get anywhere. You are definitely a fiber person! There isn't one aspect of fiber that doesn't interest you.

  4. Look at that list! You are so ambitious. I am going to get out of bed every morning and just keep going...

  5. It's definitely a varied list! And I've seen some really nice versions of that dragonflies sweater, it's a beautiful pattern.

  6. Happy new year! Great list of goals for 2013. Looking forward to seeing your projects!

  7. I think that's an awesome list - one new thing for each month, perfect! I'm going to use 2013 as The Year of the Big Career Change. That's just about the only goal I'm setting.

  8. I love your ambition!! Even if you only accomplish a few items on your list, you will have accomplished a lot! Happy New Year! May it be full of crafty goodness.

  9. YES, YES, YES, yes to it all. I can't wait to see how your year goes... and your dragonflies, and the felting and the design plans, and knitty, and the cast ons and bind offs... and the guy stuff - I want to say something like, don't worry - it'll all be okay - but that sounds dumb - but really, enjoy yourself. You're young. You'll be 40 all too soon ;)

  10. Best of luck with all your resolutions! I can't officially make new year resolutions because then I just get bummed out when I don't fulfill them. However, I am joining a crochet challenge from JJCrochet. It's more small goals than big ones. It'll be fun to watch and read as you take on your fiber arts and life resolutions!


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