Wednesday, May 16, 2012

WIP Wednesday #2 - Socks and Shirts

Hey all. I really appreciated hearing all the feedback on my prints, I am so glad you guys liked them.

Today's WIP Wednesday is dedicated once again to my Springy Orange Socks, as well as a new project I am about to embark on.

Last time you saw these socks I was ready to start the heel and they were both on the same needle. Well I attempted to work both heels at once last week and it ended in epic fail. That pattern is just not written for 2aat because of the decreases and such that it requires to make the foot and toe pretty. So I ripped out what I had and separated them. As much as they didn't want to be, it was for the best.  After separating them, I was able to focus on the construction and the pattern and last night I finished the first sock! Now I just have to put sock 2 back on the needles and do it all over again. *Sigh* I guess it gives me something to do at knit night tonight.

One down, one to go!

So I know I said I wouldn't start anything else until these socks were done BUT the lack of homework is getting to me and I am going insane! Oddly enough, having 5 hours a day of knitting time is becomes a bit mundane. I really need to get off my butt and do something more but.... ok I am considering a second job....but.....

Anyways, I don't think I ever shared what I have decided to do with the 1200+ yards of amazing Bamboo Lace I got a few weeks back. After hunting and searching and thinking and hunting and thinking more I finally decided on the Train Sweater.  This pattern only takes half of my yarn and is specifically written for lace weight.  The best part I think is that I can probably mess up the lace pattern a bit (Me and lace have a love-hate relationship) and still make it look ok. And it's IN THE ROUND! WOOT!

Ok so here is the swatch, which is being blocked right now. I still haven't fully mastered even blocking, but it is just a swatch. Also, this photo does no justice to the amazingness that is the color of this yarn.

I'm really excited for this project!

In other, spinning news, I decided against plying the 2 2-ply merinos together. I attempted to last night and I just could not get it even and not loose at the same time. They just would not work together. So (for now) they are staying as is. I may give a skein to Ivy (since it was her yarn) and keep one for me and knit a cowl or something. Who knows.

Attempt at plying and drawing = Fail :(

Well, summer school is pretty fun. No homework and I am learning a lot in a short amount of time. I hope everyone else out there in blog land is enjoying the season while you can!


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  1. Your socks are looking so pretty! I love that pattern :)That yarn looks beautiful, do you have the yarn info on hand by any chance?

  2. Wow, you have so much going on right now project-wise! How did you manage to get classes without homework? I did not think that those existed! I love, love, love the socks! I also cannot believe that you were patient enough to work with that yarn. You should try reading while you knit. You can get Kindle for the computer and read an eBook! Never fear, in a couple of weeks I'll be there to annoy you!

  3. Those socks are drop-dead gorgeous!! And your swatch with the bamboo lace looks wonderful. So excited to see the sweater as you knit it up! :) The merino looks lovely, too: love the colors!

  4. The socks are looking awesome!

  5. I am loving your socks, they look fab!

  6. Ahhh 5 hours of knitting time a day sounds like heaven! Don't burst my bubble :)
    The bamboo lace is an amazing colourway - just glorious. I'm looking forward to seeing what it becomes!


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