Monday, May 28, 2012

Home Again

Today's post isn't really about knitting, or really anything specific, I just feel like posting. 

For the past 3 weeks I've been coming home on the weekends to work since I cannot work in Manhattan during the week with my summer school class. As annoying as the drive each weekend is, it really is nice to be away from the drama of college and roommates and everything and just relax at home. I think the main thing I like about being home is my kitties :) So today I'm going to share more kitty photos with you.

I think Muffin is sick of me taking her picture!

And now she wants out (I love the lighting!)

Sasha and Muffin LOVE the catnip plant out back, they even have a spot that is pretty much dead because they always sit in it!

And then she got frisky and wanted my camera cord!

And let the fight over the spot begin!

Eating the grass :D

Dad got out the mop and Sasha got curious!

And this is where she spends her nights, on top of the mouse cage!

I really miss my kitties when I am at school, and I really wish my landlords would allow pets :( I want a cat so bad! But for now, I live vicariously through my parents stories of the crazy things these 2 do.

To end the post, I want to share with you a funny idea I had last night. We were sitting around and I just wanted to knit (something my dad gets annoyed by when I'm home, which is why I like being in Manhattan...) and he was trying to get me to do something else. I told him that "I wish I had a note on my head, so I could just point to it when you ask me to do something". I was just being silly, but decided to try it out and share it with you!

How much fun would it be to have that tattooed on your head, wrist, or just something you could show people when you didn't feel like doing anything else?

I hope everyone is having a good day! It's Memorial Day here in the states which means I get the day off from life. But I still have to head back to school tomorrow for my last week of class.



  1. Heehee, I totally need one of those signs, no doubt about it. Sasha and Muffin are simply adorable! I finally got home today and snuggled our two kitties for a long time (they hated every second of it). Good luck on your last week of class!

  2. How fun to see your kitties! I need to get some catnip growing at my house. Right now they just lay in the flower beds and smoosh all my pretty flowers!!! That's pretty funny they sleep on the mouse cage. My kitties like to peer in the window at my canary. It doesn't seem to bother him too much either!

  3. I'm late catching up but just gotta say I'd love to have that tattooed somewhere- I think its an excellent idea- nonknitters just don't get it sometimes.....

  4. These pictures made my day! Your kitties are so beautiful, and I love the photos of the catnip patch. :) Also, I totally want to make a sign like that and wear it... well, all the time. :)

  5. Love your little sign - I could really do with one of those - just as dinner needs to be cooked :)

  6. The kitties are so cute! I'd like to go through life with that sign on my forehead:)


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