Monday, August 30, 2010

To any and all who care, I've got two more Disney Mini's. Cinderella and Bambi. But before we get to that, on to my life. School has started here at KSU Manhattan, and I am already in the studio (Art major, duh) alot and yet, still bored! I have actually gotten a bit burned out on drawing, which is why I haven't knocked out as many by now as I should have in my Disney Mini's collection. Oh well, life isn't bad, so whatever.

Cinderella is known for the dress, but I felt the theme of this drawing would work better with her rags. Too bad her face took forever and still looks awful.

I like how I drew Bambi, I just wish I could have done the color part better and also the backgruond. But that may just be me.
See ya'll soon!


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