Monday, February 6, 2017

The Problem with Socks

We all have our vices, especially in knitting.  Mine is socks. I love them and then I hate them, and then I love them again.  It's a cycle that never really ends.
I decided that for 2017 I want to knit 12 pairs - approx. 1 a month - but am keeping it open in case life gets in the way.

Upon deciding this I started my second pair this past week.  Dragonfly socks by Jocelyn Sertich was the perfect pattern for my watermelon colored yarn.  I'm doing it toe up with a fish lips kiss heel so in theory I'm just using her motif, as the pattern is written cuff down.

I've done short-row toes before and really enjoy the ease and look.  Something I haven't done before is use the fish lips method for toes.  As it turns out, doing that technique for toes tends to end with a longer, pointy version. I can handle that, but I probably won't do it again (except on the second sock!)

Out of excitement for my new goal, I've been knitting on these like crazy, so much that I made it all the way to the heel as of yesterday.  I measured it against my cardboard foot, it was perfect and so I went to town on the heel. 

Then this happened. Somewhere along the line I ended up an inch too long! I'm still unsure if it was that my heel ended up longer than expected or that I did my foot pattern too long.  Either way, I guess I need to rip out the heel and start over.  Sigh.  The heels are always the most annoying part and I've been known to say "The math for fish lips can do no wrong!" I guess I'm eating my own words now.

When I finally decide to pick these up again I'll be ripping out and starting the heel again, and hopefully getting on with the cuff.  How awesome would it be to finish the first sock in just over a week? I think that would be a new record.

So the problem with socks.  Well it's always the math.  Somehow I almost always end up with a pair that is too loose or too tight or too tall or something.  Does this ever happen to you? 

Hope you have a fabulous week!



  1. Love that you are knitting these toe-up! At least to fix the heel you won't have to rip back too much, but still - good thing you tried it on!

  2. well done for knitting toe up. The good thing about toe up is that you won't have to rip back too far. Good luck!

  3. I am only swatching for my first sock, so can't really tell :) But now I am scared, haha - sweaters seems so much easier to me to knit! Good luck with the second attempt!!


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