Monday, January 16, 2017

Image/in/Knits 2017

As many of you know, art is kinda my thing and this past weekend I was honored with ability to exhibit my work in a new gallery space in San Antonio.  Mantle Art Space opened its doors in November and, after applying to an open call, I was given an exhibition for the month of January.

Having begun to explore the idea of bringing my paintings off the wall, this past September I did a mural and installation project for a local space in Bryan.  After doing it once, I wanted to continue exploring and do it again.

Driving down on Friday, I spent four+ hours painting a full wall mural in the space.  While my last one - see here - included more of a solid ground with cliffs and trees, I knew that I wanted this one to be more open and airy.  I decided to continue the floating forms and played with brush strokes to create a water-field. 

With my last project I had balls hanging from the ceiling, but I don't believe that I fully achieved an immersive space.   Taking the mural off the wall and into the gallery floor is an important factor for me but after spending the last few weeks playing with liquid resins and glues to create transparent "Water" puddles, I gave up (for now).  I couldn't just set balls on the ground again though, that wouldn't work for this, so I decided to create puddle shapes out of illustration board and paint strokes similar to those on my mural.  By doing this I am bringing the loose, illustration like world within the wall into the gallery space.

For this show and space I believe it works, but moving forward I definitely want to play with resins and transparencies even more.  Silicone? Plaster? Molding? Fabric? Who knows but I am sure that an answer will present it self soon.

Until that day, I will spend the rest of my month basking in the glow of a show well done and brainstorming more imaginary worlds for my knits to inhabit.


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